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For an entrepreneur to be successful they have to be a range of things. They need to have conviction, be organized, and persistent. However, creativity is usually a trait reserved for the designers and artists who stay in their lane. In reality, there are many creative disciplines that are a natural fit for an entrepreneurial character.

Whether you’re building a product that’s going to change the world, or working as a craftsperson creating bespoke solutions, doing it for yourself can be a lot more lucrative than simply earning a wage. There are many pros and cons to both, which is better suited to you will depend on your own personality.

The Pros

When you follow your passion with a great level of conviction, it can lead you to some surprising places. Making a living out of a creative skill you have a passion for can give you an extremely rewarding life. You also have one big advantage over regular entrepreneurs, you’re far more hands on. Creative entrepreneurs are far more in tune with the day-to-day tasks of the company, usually because they have carried many of them out.

Working for yourself gives you an immense amount of freedom. Once you are established you can choose which work you accept. You can manage your time to better suit your lifestyle and commitments. You can up-skill in any direction you like.

The Cons

With greater freedom comes greater responsibility. At some point, there will be long hours required. However, this is far less daunting when you’re working on projects you have a real passion for. You will need to become adept at self-promotion. The buck will always stop with you. Unless you have built a capable and reliable team that can cope without your presence, then forget sick days.

You will also need to be more organised to ensure you stay on top of aspects of the business you may not be as familiar with. Whether it’s getting your paperwork to your accountant, or searching for insurance for carpenters, a little organization can go a long way to removing any anxiety and ensuring all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.

The Bottom Line

Unlike serial entrepreneurs, most creative entrepreneurs don’t actively seek out self-employment. It usually comes about as their skills and network naturally expand. At some point on the journey, it becomes apparent you’ve crossed a tipping point. You now have the confidence and ability to stand on your own two feet.

If you’re unsure about relinquishing the security of a 9-to-5, then you can always dip into the freelance market during your free time. This will help you to get a feel for some of the work available and grow your confidence in dealing with clients.

Whether you’re working from your garage or building a multinational company, many of the principles remain the same. Keeping on top of the areas you’re less familiar with will allow you to maintain your focus on what truly matters –  your passion.

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