When it comes to investment, some people don’t like the idea of stocks and shares. Without seeing where your money is going, it can all feel a little abstract and a little riskier. This is why many people prefer tangible investments – these are investments that are physical and that you can reach out and touch. Such investments can often carry a greater sense of security and it may even be possible to get some personal use out of them so that they’re not just an investment. Here are just a few examples of tangible investments.


Property may well be the most popular tangible investment. This is because property allows investors to get hands-on and actively increase the return they make – whilst most property naturally appreciates in value, you can make extra money by renting it out to tenants or by making improvements. You could even rent property out as a vacation home and use it in your own time. Property investment has never been easier with sites like allowing you to buy property over the phone. You can also get help from tenancy agents and property developers if you don’t want to handle all of this work yourself.

Precious metals

Metals like gold and silver are also popular tangible investments. The value of these metals has fluctuated over time but is almost always on the increase. This makes it a good option for a long-term investment. Investing in precious metals could mean investing in a bullion, however some people may prefer to invest in artefacts and jewellery that they themselves can keep onto and display. Sites like offer more information on investing in precious metals.

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Another popular tangible investment is wine. Certain wines may be rare or celebrated by critics – these can often gain value with age as they gain a fuller flavour. Many wine investors buy a crate of bottles, allowing them to make more of a profit. The great thing about this form of investment is that if it doesn’t work out and the wines don’t gain any value, you can always put them to personal use (i.e. drink them). Sites such as offer more information on wine investing.


By Lynne Charles


A lot of people also invest in art. If you’re an art lover, this can be a great form of investment – not only do you have the potential to sell a work in the future and make a profit from it, but you can get the personal satisfaction of displaying it in your home. Works from older celebrated artists are some of the highest yielding investments, but also some of the most expensive. Fortunately, you can still invest in art on a budget as this site details.


There are all kinds of collectibles that you can invest in to make money. Wine and art are technically collectibles themselves, but there are more purer examples such as trading cards, coins, vinyl, toys, video games and celebrity memorabilia. Generally, the rarer something is the more value it will gain, so consider this when starting a collection. You may even be able to get personal use out of certain collectibles such as vinyl and video games (unfortunately some collectibles may only maintain value if they stay in their box set).

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