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When it comes to staying fit and healthy, many of us think that visiting a doctor is the only necessary course of action. These are our health professionals, after all. Is not keeping us healthy their sole charge?

It is, of course. But, it’s important to note that merely booking up with a doctor every few years isn’t enough to see you at peak health. Like anyone, doctors have their limitations. While your health is their concern, a healthy lifestyle should be an accumulation of efforts, many of which take place outside of the doctor’s office. This is why so many of us fail to reach the fitness levels we desire. And, it’s why you could benefit from considering the following reasons why a doctor can’t provide everything you need for health.

Doctors have limited time

Doctors are pretty stretched. So much so, that appointments only last ten minutes. And, as you can imagine, it’s difficult for a doctor to give you all the health advice you need in that time. Instead, they’ll focus on critical pointers without going into much detail. By comparison, a personal trainer or nutrition expert could provide much more in-depth info for improving your health. That’s because these individuals can focus on you without worrying about their next patient.

Doctors rarely delve into your past

While we’re on the subject of personalised fitness plans, it’s also worth noting that doctors rarely bother with your past unless they have reason to. Yet, our genetics play a huge role in determining our fitness levels and the lifestyles we need. If your doctor is only looking at your health as it stands, they’ll struggle to help you in the long-term. By comparison, companies like iDNA Health are experts in clinical genetics and can develop personal health plans based on the past conditions hiding in your genetics. That, more than a meeting with your doctor, could see your fitness improving.

Doctors often offer treatments rather than cures

It’s also worth noting that, due to time and money constraints, doctors often offer treatments rather than cures. It’s no secret that there’s something of a medication pandemic right now. That’s because doctors offer medications which cover issues without making you healthier. Issues like diabetes are treated with insulin rather than controlled with diet. Even problems like depression and anxiety are falling foul to medications instead of coping mechanisms. But, again, there are experts outside of the doctor’s office who could actually cure you for better health. A dietician, for instance, could help you to control or even get past diabetes by eating right. A yoga class could also help you to manage your anxiety in natural and healthy ways.

It can be tricky to step away from the idea that doctors know best. But, as you can see from this list, it isn’t always true. If you’re struggling to get the answers you want from your usual care provider, then, it’s past time that you looked for your healthy lifestyle elsewhere.


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