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Whether you are a startup business or have been well-established for a couple of decades, these are the 3 areas you should splurge on in business, and you will reap the rewards. 

Your customer appeal

Your customers and clients are the whole point of your business. You need them and you need them to be happy. As such you need to consider them in every thing that you do. Create services with them in mind, deliver products that you know they will want and offer them an exceptional service 100% of the time. You will need to seek customer feedback regularly to ensure that you are delivering to their requirements and standards at all times, do not second guess them. 

Your staff appeal

You want to attract the very best members of staff and then you want to keep them. The best businesses have the best people working in them.

You will find that you need to invest heavily in your team. You need to arrange competitive salary and benefits packages to attract and retain people with the skills that you require. 

You will then want to put reward and bonus structures in place so that top performers, or team efforts, are fairly recognised. We appreciate that bonus payments do erode your profits, but in motivating your team to deliver more consistently, you should find that they more than pay for themselves. 

You will then want to sprinkle in the little things that make your people want to work for you and only you. Doing the odd coffee run for everyone, getting cakes in at the end of a good month, brightening up the office with new art or fresh flowers, these are the little things that will make your workplace the one that everyone wants to work at. It will make it an enjoyable place to be and it will make you a great boss to have. 

Your visual appeal

You have probably heard the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, which we know to be good advice. We have all read a great book that lurked underneath a particularly uninspiring cover. However, how often do we have the time to do this, how often do we make the effort to find out what’s underneath?

We are all taken in by the visual, and as such graphic design and your branding are absolutely integral to your business. You will want to ensure that your brand defines what you do, that it represents your mission and your values and that it comes to be instantly recognisable. Use it consistently, and across all areas of your business from packaging to signage. 

When you are looking at signage, remember that your storefront is often the first thing that people will see of your business. What impression does it give? Does it stand out, do people notice it? Is it a little bit different? You might want to make use of CNC routing services to create some really special and eye catching signage, in keeping with your overall design.  

What else would you suggest you need to splurge on in your business?

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