Protecting Your Art Work When You’re Away From The Office

If you are an art business, you know that the quality of your works must be preserved at all costs. You could possibly be a painter, a portrait drawer, you might also be a modern designer using amazing computers to bring your work to life. Regardless of what kind of artistic work you do and profession you’re in, your work must be safe and secure at all times. Especially when you’re gone in fact, because that’s when you have the least amount of control. Stereotypically you had to be wary of the cat burglar. Expert art thieves would break into galleries, homes and businesses to steal valuable works of art. However you also have the elements to contend with as nature too can make your best works fade and deteriorate over time. Here are some things you can do to protect your business from multiple harms.

Ceiling with eyes

By far, any practical real world business must have some kind of watchful to scour the premises when you’re gone. Rather than a CCTV camera on the wall, you should use an eyeball camera that is placed on the ceiling. Rectangular wall cameras can be sprayed easily and even beaten off of their hinges. An eyeball camera is difficult to get to and unlike regular cameras has a natural 360 degree view. Other cameras will have a cone shape of visual coverage. They will rotate back and forth but never really cover what’s going on behind them. The eyeball security camera does do this and also doesn’t give away visual hints that it’s moving around. It’s also more silent than any other kind of CCTV camera as it’s enclosed in a dome.

The permanent disfiguring

Water is perhaps the most dangerous element that can harm your art. Painters that have been left against a wall or even on a stand can be in danger of being drenched by stormwater. Stormwater is much more forceful than typical rain. It can pool very suddenly and enter into your business. Any artwork that’s laying in the way will be destroyed. So you should put in some drainage designed to manage stormwater like the type offered by DRASOL. They build drainage system to manage rapid expanses of water protect all kinds of commercial and residential properties from water damage. This is something that your art studio could utilize to make sure no art is every destroyed by incoming stormwater.

UV rays

Paintings should not be left out in the sun.Yet you also need natural light to allow you to work. To still be able to see what you’re drawing or painting and not suffer from UV rays coming from the sunlight, then use translucent shades. These are shades you can pull down by hand or use an electric motor to operate. They will capture most of the sunlight but allow just enough through. 

Artist that have started their own business and work in their own studios offices have a lot of freedom. But it also means the buck stops with you, so it’s your responsibility to protect your artwork from thieves and the elements.

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