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Businesses will go to great lengths to try and effectively advertise their services to their customer bases. Viral marketing campaigns using social media, publicity stunts, cold email campaigns, and more, are all fair game when it comes to trying to convert prospects into clients.

Ultimately, though, specific marketing “tricks” or techniques become virtually irrelevant if the presentation and appearance of the business itself is not properly tailored – whether that means setting up a storefront that includes the right combination of subway tiles and display cases, or whether it means cultivating a “luxury brand” website aesthetic.

Here are some reasons why the presentation and appearance of your business matters a lot.


  • Because people really do judge a book by its cover



We all grew up hearing that “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover,” but, all the same, most people really do “judge books by their cover” – at least in certain situations.

Before people will part with their hard-earned money, they will want to have some assurance that the company they are shopping with meets the right standards of professionalism, quality, and trustworthiness.

In practice, this  “assurance” almost always comes first and foremost in the form of certain visual elements. A website that appears professionally put together – and that displays head shots that seem professionally taken – signals competence and professionalism, and helps to solidify trust.

If the appearance of your business says, in any way, “amateur,” or “insincere,” it will fail at the first hurdle with many people.


  • Because the way you present your business has a lot to do with the subconscious associations people draw with it



Different businesses will benefit from having different images and associations drawn with them. If your company sells camping equipment, it will be in your interest to put your would-be customers in mind of a breathtaking trip into the great outdoors, rather than just a damp and disappointing weekend at a local caravan site.

The way you present your business has a lot to do with the subconscious associations people draw with it. A stylised photograph of a tree may conjure up all kinds of connotations of “freedom” and “adventure.” Likewise, a shot of  an illuminated city skyline at night may convey an impression of urban sophistication.

Often, people aren’t really aware of why they have the specific emotional reactions they do to different images and visual stimuli. But if you know how to employ those visual elements properly in your branding and marketing, your business may thrive as a result.


  • Because managing the presentation and appearance of your business is important for introducing clarity



If your “brand messaging” is all over the place and may come off as confusing, the chances that you will be able to bring prospective customers on board drops dramatically.

Effective management of the presentation and appearance of your business is essential for cutting through any uncertainty or “static,” in order to convey the point of the business as quickly and effectively as possible.

If you allow your brand image to develop without a clear guiding vision behind it, it may well be that it turns into a mishmash of different elements that no one can successfully interpret.


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