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Deciding to make your office a more eco-friendly environment is not just good for the planet. It can actually save you money, increase the value of your business, and improve productivity. 

A lot of energy-saving adjustments are cheaper than doing things the old-fashioned way, and not as difficult to implement as you might think. Customers are making a more concerted effort to support eco-friendly businesses, as are investors and professional talent. And sometimes, the more responsible method is even better for your health.   

So whether you’re hoping to make some small changes, or looking to go completely green, here are some useful tips to help make your office a more eco-friendly workplace.

Saving Energy 

We’re all guilty of leaving lights on, leaving computers running overnight, and fiddling with the thermostat. But when as much as 30% of greenhouse pollution comes from electricity, these office-place oversights are environmentally irresponsible. It’s also probably costing you a lot more than you realise.   

In the short term, it’s important to educate and inform your workforce on energy-saving routines, and to work these good habits into team responsibilities. But there are other ways to ensure you’re saving energy wherever possible. 

Lighting and electrics in older buildings are often in need of a bit of TLC, and may be wasting energy in ways you can’t see. If you aren’t sure, it’s useful to consult a licensed electrician for commercial electrical work, and get a professional opinion.

You can also try switching light bulbs to LED bulbs, which are brighter, last longer and are of course – more energy efficient. 

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Double-glazed windows are also a lucrative investment when it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature whilst you work. Whether it’s a chilly winter, or a boiling hot summer, a properly insulated and heat-regulated room will stop people overusing the thermostat!     

Promote Green Communing

As much as 30% of carbon emissions come from automobiles in some areas, so thinking about the way we commute to work is an essential part of environmentally responsible living. 

Setting up an office carpool scheme will cut down the number of cars on the road, as will promoting cycle travel, or more eco-friendly public travel options like taking a bus or catching a train. 

If your office is a little off the beaten track, talk to your local public transport organisation about the possibility of providing a route specifically for your employees. You can also invest in secure cycle storage, or offer subsidised railcards.

Eco Friendly Supplies

Buying poor-quality, disposable materials, using more paper than you need, or splashing out on new furniture and equipment when you could buy second-hand, is not financially efficient or eco-friendly. 

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Deforestation along with the industrial production of paper is a huge environmental issue. As a result, It is becoming increasingly popular for big businesses to ditch paper communications altogether and go paperless

This can be as simple as scanning files into digital copies, transitioning to paperless meetings, and switching to e-signatures. This will also save money on plastic office supplies like pens, staplers, plastic folders and other disposable materials.  

So there we have it. Implementing even a few of these changes will help promote a more eco-friendly workplace and save the business some money.  



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