These days, you may have noticed the astonishing amount of people that are making a decent living from the comfort of their own homes. Creating businesses from a living space has always happened, but then the ideas are made into tangible creations and are moved into offices or factories. In the year 2019, millions of people around the globe are reeling in decent wages by sitting on their sofas typing away at their computer screens. This notion would’ve been laughed at and belittled a few decades ago, but this new-age method of earning a living is becoming more and more popular. 

You might have heard of blogging before, but do you really know what it’s all about? Well, simply, a blog is a website that is dedicated to a certain area of life. Sometimes they’re very broad, but the majority like to focus on a particular niche. The content on the sites can be whatever the writer wants it to be about. That’s about it. Simple! Of course, a lot more goes into them, but from the outside looking in, blogs are just sites that you can visit if you want to read entertaining posts and informative material. 

How the heck do people make a killing from it, though? It’s a good question, and up until very recently, the majority of people on the planet were scratching their heads, too. The truth is that there are heaps of ways these guys and girls bring home the bacon. If you’re interested in learning a little more, then read on – most of these methods are pretty straightforward; you might even consider hopping aboard after reading!  


You’ve probably seen ads on websites before. If you can’t recall any right now; you’ll see them everywhere you look from now on. Websites are rife with advertisements because that’s the most fundamental way anyone can be paid from them. They’re also excellent on the advertisers’ side: billions of people are online, so a few hundred/thousand people are bound to see their company or their logo and remember it for a while. 

When a blogger first begins their journey, they’ll most likely sign up for schemes like Google 

Ads. These are free services that you sign up to when you create a website. You choose where the ad goes on your page; then you confirm everything, and, voila, you’re good to go. You’re paid a tiny amount of money whenever somebody visits your page and clicks on the ad. If you have hardly any traction, then you’re not exactly going to make a killing. If you have lots of visitors, however, then you’re chances of a big reward are better.  

Affiliate Marketing Schemes 

This little trick has made people very happy and very wealth in recent times. Affiliate marketing is simply promoting a particular product or service, and earning a commission off the back of it. 

Companies that are looking to get more recognition online will reach out to affiliate marketing websites in the hope that they’ll be promoted by bloggers with large followings. Because of the digital age we’re in now, digital marketing is a big part of any business venture, and bloggers can take full advantage of it.

If you can write pretty well, then you’re in with a chance of making this stuff stick. There are so many different products online just waiting to be written about and promoted on blogs. If it’s relevant, then bloggers can write about it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s mother milk fridges, hearing aids, or fishing rods, if you can conjure up a fun or informative post regarding it, you can profit from it. 

By Building Up Popularity 

If someone is brave enough, then they could make his or herself the face of the blog and really benefit from any fame they might receive. There have been lots of people around the world that have had their profile enhanced through blogging. If they become quite the ‘celebrity’ with a large following, then large companies might reach and to them and pay them a large fee to endorse a product – this is known as influencer marketing

A Little Freelance Work On The Side Helps

If they need a little extra money online in order to keep this way of living alive, then they could reach out to different companies and work for them. Freelance work from home could be anything from virtual assistance in terms of admin, content writing, or graphic design. This is directly linked to the blog, but it’s just another way that these individuals bring in money while chilling in the comfort of their own homes. 

They Use Their Experience To Create More Sites

After a few months/years of doing this kind of thing, they might start to branch out and creating more sites. Sure, if their original blog is a booming success, then they won’t have to bother, but if they have the time and the energy, then they could repeat the entire process and create another source of income. Maintaining one website might be difficult, to begin with, but once they have the wherewithal, then they could operate multiple quite comfortably. 

They Delve Into Other Areas 

Once everything is set up, and they’ve managed to start earning a regular income from this job, 

they can start making money through other means. Because of the passive income making its way into their bank accounts, it means the blogger can then focus their energy on something else. Many bloggers like to sell merchandise such as clothes and accessories. Others try their hand are writing eBooks or creating online courses in the hope that people will pay for them. 

YouTube is also an avenue that they could go down. Online video content is another excellent way of bringing in eyes – it pays pretty well, too (providing that they get enough views). 

They Create Memberships And Content Behind A Paywall 

If lots of people really enjoy the content that’s being provided, then the blogger might start up a subscription service that costs a monthly fee to be a part of. The free material will obviously be open to everyone that visits, but if somebody wants to get more detailed content, then they’ll have to cough up some cash. 

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