4 Things Will Happen When You Declutter Your Office Space

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Is your desk this clean and tidy? 

Is your desk piled high with paper (and paperclips)? 

Do have little room to navigate your floor space?

Are you regularly playing games of Hide and Seek with your office essentials?

If so, then it’s finally time to declutter your office space. Good things will happen when you do, as a clean and tidy office comes with several benefits. 

#1: You will feel happier coming into work each day

Let’s be honest;  the sight of your cluttered office probably doesn’t fill with you much joy each day. If you’re constantly struggling to find what you need when working, and if your office aesthetics border on the ugly side because of the clutter surrounding you, chances are, your heart probably sinks every time you enter your workspace. By clearing yourself of your clutter then, perhaps by putting larger and unnecessary items into storage facilities, and smaller items into boxes and drawers in an orderly fashion, you will start to feel better about being in your office. With a boost to your morale, you will also see a boost in your productivity in line with your happiness levels. 

#2: You will increase your income

We mean this in two ways. As alluded to above, once your productivity increases because of your improved morale (and because you won’t be spending an age looking for things you need), you will get more done, and this might mean an increase in profits. Secondly, if you declutter your office space of items you don’t need, you will be able to sell them online or to other local businesses. So, if you no longer need your photocopier because you have created a paperless office, or if you have office furniture that is needlessly cluttering up your floor space, sell them and use the extra money you make to grow your business in some way. 

#3: You will inspire confidence in others

Your office space is a reflection of you. If it is messy and overloaded with needless clutter, then any visiting clients, customers, or potential investors might assume the general level of untidiness is indicative of your work. With an ensuing lack of confidence in you, they might leave you in the dust (possibly literally). Therefore, make every effort to declutter your office space, as this will ensure you give an excellent first impression to anybody visiting you at your workplace. 

#4: You won’t fall ill or succumb to an injury

What do we mean by this? Well, if you are constantly feeling stressed because of your cluttered and cramped office space, then your stress might eventually get the better of you. You might also fall ill because of the increased bacteria in your office, especially if you have dirty coffee cups, old pieces of food, and uncleaned pieces of equipment amongst your clutter. And you might do yourself an injury, as if your floor space is akin to a minefield of dangerous objects, you might trip over or knock into something. You might then be forced to take time off work and that, as you can probably understand, could be problematic for your business.

So, if you have been procrastinating over tidying up your office clutter, perhaps today is the day you finally get on top of it. As suggested here, you will feel the benefits if you do!

Take care, and thanks for reading!

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