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Rebranding can be a necessity for businesses that are struggling to maintain their position on the market. While it is a big and expensive step that completely transform brand profile and strategy, it can also save your business. 

Ultimately, there are specific factors that trigger a rebrand. One of the most common issues is when your existing brand fails to support your current offering. This might be the case when you’ve diversified your services or products while the logo and brand communication have remained focused on your original offer. You can picture it as a bakery that has evolved into an artisanal cafe with a dedicated menu, for example. Another problem is when your branding profile is stuck in the past, which can not only put modern customers off but also hinder you from adapting to the needs of an evolving market.

But, while rebranding can be a life-saving strategy for the business, it can be difficult to move forward if you fail to convince your team. Your employees are your most valuable asset. They will be the face of the business for your customers. Therefore, keeping them on board during the rebranding is crucial in preserving your influence on your audience. 

Don’t get rid of your old decor just now

First of all, rebranding starts in the workplace. You’re not just changing your brand logo. You also need to reflect on the transformation within your office decor. However, it doesn’t mean you should transform your interior style radically. Indeed, you can look for offsite storage facilities during the rebranding work to keep your furniture and decorative items. Ultimately, a known decor is a source of comfort and reassurance for your team, as it indicates that even though the company is evolving, it isn’t rejecting its core values. In other words, don’t get rid of the chairs, desks, and kitchen furniture just now. Who knows? You might find they fit in your new style perfectly! 

Make the workplace excitingly rebranded

Not everybody welcomes a change of decor. In fact, you’ll find that a lot of employees dislike changes and feel uncomfortable in a new environment. Make it your priority to inject exciting transformations as part of the rebranding process. Indeed, the idea is not to make the workplace different, but to make it better if you’re going to gain the support of your team. Therefore, introducing more outdoor space, for instance, or building a home away from home can get the team on your side. 

Do your employees have suggestions?

Your employees have plenty of ideas. They are immersed in your business culture and have a better understanding of what fits and what doesn’t. More importantly, they are the connecting dots to your audience, which means that they can provide valuable insight into how people perceive you. Therefore, you need to be prepared to listen to them, especially if your business has customer-facing premises. Your employees can share opinions on the most relevant style, colours, or even brand catchline based on their understanding of customers’ expectations. 

Rebranding your business begins in your workplace. If you want customers to think you are a different brand, you need your employees to feel the difference from Day One. As a result, your interior style is integral to bringing the rebranding strategy to your team and gaining their trust. 


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