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Every employee has the right to feel safe at work, which means it’s your job as their employer to put processes in place to keep them that way. Although working in an office may seem like a safe place to work, there are still a number of things that could go wrong, so here are 5 ways you can improve the safety of your office workspace for your employees. 

  1. Conduct background checks
    In some cases, it isn’t the workplace environment that poses the biggest threat to your employee’s so much as their own friends and colleagues. Hiring a bad character into your workplace can result in bullying, theft and even criminal damage. Your interview and recruitment processes can only do so much to help you judge the character of a person and so it may be worth conducting background checks on prospective staff members to get a deeper look into their history to ensure that you aren’t hiring someone with a history of abuse or arson.
  2. Use clear safety signage
    Using adequate and clear safety signage is about more than just covering your back in case of a lawsuit, it also provides your employees with important information that they can then use to keep themselves safe. Ensure you have adequate safety signage to indicate potential threats such as hot water, electrical cables or slippery surfaces, and remember to have exit lights installed by an electrical firm such as Smillie Electrical to help your employees navigate to their emergency exits in the case of a fire.
  3. Keep an up-to-date health and safety policy
    Your workplace health and safety policy should be reviewed and amended at least annually to reflect any new changes in your business, such as a change in office layout or your company protocols. Remember to then distribute the updated health and safety protocol with your staff so that they too stay up to date with any changes.
  4. Enrol your staff on workplace safety training
    Education is one of the most important tools in preventing workplace accidents. Ensure that all new starters are enrolled on a workplace safety course as a part of their induction that covers the basics of maintaining a safe workplace as well as fire safety training. You will also want to schedule some time in your work calendar for a group staff refresher training to keep safety at the forefront of their mind.
  5. Make safety a part of your company culture and reward good safety practices 

The key to ensuring that everyone is on the same page when it comes to safety in the workplace is to embed it as a part of your company culture. Make safety one of your companies core values and don’t forget to promote and reward your safety champions. Some companies find that gamification of safety can help to keep people engaged such as keeping a tally of accident-free days in the office and offering monetary rewards to people who go above and beyond to keep the rest of the team safe.

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