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Could your business benefit from an outdoor event? Outdoor events can include everything from garden parties to large open-air events, and can be a fantastic way to entertain clients, raise money or raise awareness of your business.

While there are a lot of benefits, planning outdoor events is a huge task, becoming larger as the size of the event increases. There are many risks involved, but with attention to detail and careful execution, you can ensure success.

Here are some tips for making a success of your outdoor event.

Put a project plan together

With so many different elements to manage to bring your event together, it’s a good idea to take a project management approach to your event. Have a kick-off meeting with everyone who needs to be involved and put a plan together. Using an event management tool can be particularly useful to help you get all of your tasks and deadlines in place. Make sure that regular progress meetings are scheduled to help you monitor progress as the countdown to your event continues.

Make key bookings in advance

As soon as you have a date and a location confirmed, start booking in your suppliers, catering and anything else you can book at this stage. The further out you secure crane hire, toilet facilities, cleaners, etc. the better, allowing you to carry on with the other arrangements, such as promotion. It’s important that you confirm arrangements with your suppliers at least a month before your event as well as closer to it, confirming all of the key details and expectations in the 1-2 days before your event.

Come up with an effective marketing strategy

Having a marketing and communications strategy will help you to promote your event and make sure it’s well-attended. Using social media to promote your event is an effective strategy, especially with local targeting possibilities. But remember that offline marketing can also be effective to help boost your attendance figures. Advertising in local newspapers can still be a great way of promoting your event, as well as local radio.

Think about the weather

When it comes to outdoor events, one of the things that can let you down is the weather. Having a plan B in place is very important in case things turn into a whitewash. From being able to put tents up to making sure there are ponchos and umbrellas available, you can still find ways to make your event fun and enjoyable for everyone. Health and safety is the most important thing to consider for your event, so should the weather pose a health and safety risk to your event, you need to have a plan in place for communicating any cancellations or changes to the programme.

Any type of outdoor event planning, from events in stadiums to an event at your local park, can take a lot of work. But it’s great to see it all come together. Give yourself plenty of time and a great team around you to help make sure your outdoor event is a huge success.


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