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If you are a millennial and you don’t fancy working for a large corporate faceless identity after you graduate from university, it might be time to take a foray into entrepreneurship. Finding your niche can be the trickiest thing when you have so many industry opportunities on offer. One market that is growing year on year is the foodie realm. Forget about opening a restaurant and having to secure a mammoth business loan – street food is where it’s at. You could find yourself with a gazebo, a converted catering horse trailer or an old vintage food van, rocking up to food festivals and exposing your culinary flair to the masses. If you adore food, cooking and you have something to offer, consider turning your foodie passion into a money making venture.

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The Brand

As a street food venture, you need to offer up something new. Gazebos are great initially as they are cheap and allow you to test the water. However, it can be labor intensive having to set up and break down every time you head to a food event. After some time, you might want something a little more robust, permanent and easier to maintain. A converted VW campervan or a retro 1960s caravan makes a kooky little vehicle to help launch your brand. You will stand out and hold your own against your creative rivals. Think about whipping some commercial kitchen equipment into your horse trailer, get an electrician on board, installing some fridges, getting your worktops up and having a gas supply ready for your hobs. 

Your brand needs to emulate your ethos and your food. Consider the colors and logo that you want to use alongside your name and flood social media, your website and food festivals with your brand. Exposure is key if you are to make your mark in the industry.

Make Contacts

Head to the big events and find your niche amongst all of the food stands. What is your USP? Do you provide solely vegan cuisine? Are you exposing foodies to Trinidadian cuisine rather than the usual Jamaican jerk? Or do you specialize in cool fusion cuisine? Curry tacos, anyone? When you sign up for food festivals, ask for a list of other traders and start to connect over social media. The street food industry is friendly and supportive. While every business wants to succeed, they also want to see their fellow traders succeed too. You could link up, do supper clubs together and share advice and stories.

Image credit Pexels – CC0 Licence

Tapping Into A Psyche

You will be marketing heavily to your fellow millennials who want to try new food and sample new cuisine. This newfound experimentation within young people can transcend travel and food so tap into it. Get authentic ingredients and cook with them. Whip out some free samples, give out flyers and put some music on to attract potential customers. You need to hone an image and cook real food that tastes exceptional. Get a following and you can succeed.

Follow this guide and your street food business could make you a fortune.


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