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You need to create a brand that your audience can identify with. Solid branding can catapult your business to the top of your industry. Plenty of companies have made names for themselves through the power of their brand alone. Designer fashion brands are the best case study to look at. How many times have you seen products from designer brands that look absolutely ridiculous and cost thousands of dollars? It happens so often, and people lap it up and keep buying the products. Why? Because the brand has a sense of prestige! 

So, you need to come up with an effective branding strategy. Some of you may already have one, but it isn’t having the desired impact. In this post, I’ve identified a few seemingly insignificant things that could be ruining your strategy: 

Business Address

Your address might hurt your branding strategy if it doesn’t align with the image you’re looking to cultivate. If you want to frame yourself as a professional brand with a lot of expertise in your line of work, then you need a proper business address. An address in a dodgy location – or your home address – screams unprofessional and weak. Thankfully you can rent a prestige virtual office to claim a proper business address in a luxury business district. Now, your business location aligns with your professional image. 

Business Contact Details

Pretty much the same problem as above. You can’t frame your company in a certain way, then let yourself down with stupid contact details. Again, a professional and expert business won’t have a mobile or home phone number as their main point of contact. They also won’t have an unprofessional business email. It can make you look tacky and completely screw up the branding process


Your brand should only use the same handful of colours for basically everything. Your web design, social media channels, posters, business cards – everything! They don’t all need to be exactly the same, but they should all include the same colours that make up your brand image. Using the wrong ones in one place can cause havoc. People start identifying brands by the colours they use. Imagine you suddenly saw a McDonald’s sign with a blue background – your brain would implode with how wrong it looks! Branding is about consistency, and you need to choose the right colours for your brand and stick to them. 


Again, pretty much the same point as above, but with a slight difference. Here, you need to use the same type of font all the time. If you chose Sans Serif fonts, then you can’t suddenly change to Serif. A font says a lot about your brand image, so you can’t let a tiny error like a change in font cause problems. 

Individually, these things don’t seem like they should cause issues. However, when you look at them as a group, and in relation to branding, their impact is huge. So, if you want to get your branding strategy back on track, the ensure these four things aren’t holding you back. 


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