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Finding your place in the job market can be extremely challenging as an independent person. Even if you have a lot to offer in terms of talent and drive, you may find the traditional structures of corporate organizations restricting.

Maybe you work more effectively on your own, or you simply can’t bear the strictures of a nine-to-five working week. Either way, the job market may not feel like the friendliest place for someone like you.

You may have hopped from job to job. You may be drawn to the side hustle. But what about getting your teeth into a career?

If you think there are no careers out there that could accommodate your independent streak, you are wrong. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Become a University Professor

Newsflash: as an independent person, you are a bit of a weirdo. Most people are fairly content to go with the flow and climb the corporate ladder. So now that you’ve accepted that you’re a weirdo, ask yourself, ‘besides Yours Truly, who are the weirdest people I know?’ If the list you come up with is dominated by the various teachers you’ve had in your life, that is a great clue.

Many independently minded people end up working in the education system. And for good reason. The university is one of the only publicly funded institutions that prioritize the search for knowledge over corporate interests. This means people like you—who can’t bring themselves to care about arbitrary targets—get paid to do work that actually interests them, without worrying about whether they’re hitting their KPI’s. All you have to do in return is to share your knowledge with others. 


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Start Your Own Business

When trying and failing to find your place in the world of work, it probably never occurred to you that in some ways, being a misfit makes you more likely to be successful in the long run. Some of the most successful and respected people in the world are those who found it impossible to fit into the corporate environment and had no option but to start their own businesses instead.

Owning your own business gives you control over your destiny. As the boss, you get to decide what hours you work, how you spend your budget, and what risks you should take. Maybe you have skills that could help you launch a career as a freelancer, or perhaps you’ll get your hands on a little funding. Whether you write your own lifestyle blog, or invest in Van Refrigeration to start a small transport business, the day you launch your own company is the day you get your first taste of economic freedom. (Warning: independent people tend to find this additive!)

Be a Private Detective

As an independent person, you may also be an introvert. If so, consider a career as a private detective. Yes, it’s unconventional, but so are you, right? And what could be more rewarding than spending a lot of time alone while pursuing an interesting case? If you have the skills to be a private investigator, you’ll not only enjoy total control over your schedule, but the job requires that nobody knows your movements except you. All that matters is that you crack the case!

Most independent souls take a couple of false starts before settling on the right career. If you’re casting around for the right thing, these ideas could provide the inspiration you’re looking for.


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