How to be Polite to Waiters


It feels good. Doesn’t it? To be treated as if you are one of the most influential persons on earth.

However, have you ever felt that the waiter or waitress who is serving you food, and taking care of you throughout your stay at the restaurant – no matter how brief – also deserves your respect?

These waiters would make sure to serve you the food just the way you like it. They make haste when you are in a hurry or become extra cordial when you are on a date.

There are many eateries, including the famous Chatswood restaurants where waiters will treat each one of their customers as celebrities. The least you can do is be polite to them all the time.

If you have class and character, it will be evident from the very moment you enter the restaurant and come face to face with your waiter.

Being polite to your waiter is no big deal, but we will discuss a few ways which will make sure that your waiter gets the politest treatment possible from your side.

Raise Your Hand

If you enter the restaurant on weekends, or any other busy moment of the day, the waiter at the facility will be very busy. But no matter how busy the waiters are, they will eventually find time for you.

In such a situation, you should act patiently. You are in the restaurant to enjoy some good food. So having to wait for it wouldn’t hurt you anyway. 

Another thing to understand is that the waiter on your table must have other tables to attend to as well. He will take some time. 

If you want the waiter’s attention, raise your hand. The waiter will see it, and come to you to attend to your needs. 

The main thing that you should keep in mind here is that waving to the waiter is considered bad form and outright rude. Simply raising your hand is enough.

Talk respectfully with the waiter

Some people are very polite and respectful whenever they talk to anyone. But some people are precisely the opposite. 

It means that when you are at the restaurant, you will need to control your tone, and the volume of your voice when you are talking to the waiter. Another aspect of your conversation is to be as polite and respectful with the waiter as he/she is with you.

Of course, you think that you deserve a respectful attitude from the waiter because you are the customer, and you have come to the facility to spend your money, a part of which will cover the waiter’s salary. But this fact does not give you the right to be disrespectful or bossy with the waiter.

Moreover, you don’t need to show your attitude here. Yelling and snapping your fingers at the waiter is not acceptable at all. You will not only be humiliating the waiter; you will be embarrassing yourself as well.

Eye Contact is Very Important

Always look at your waiter in the eyes. It does not mean looking in a threatening manner. It merely means that you should make eye contact with the waiter rather than looking here and there as if you are ignoring him/her. He has come to you to attend to your needs. 

You should give him / her full attention while you are enquiring about the menu or placing order.

If the food is not good, it is not the waiter’s fault

You are pissed off because the food did not taste as good as you had expected. You can complain to the waiter about the food. However, you can’t yell at him/her or pass an angry remarks. It isn’t the waiter who cooked the food. 

The waiting staff has nothing to do with the taste and quality of the food. The waiters are here to serve the customers only. Likewise, if the food has become cold, it wouldn’t be the waiter’s fault either.  

Be patient and remain calm

You must understand that the waiter is a human being. He/she is required to wait on a lot of people during the peak timings.

If you remain patient for a few minutes, the waiter will come to your table to take your order. You can take this time to think about what you are going to eat at the restaurant.

Once the waiter is at your table, make sure not to keep him/her standing there for a second more than necessary. Tell him your order and let them go and attend to other tables.

Do not Ignore your waiter

You are busy with your guests when suddenly you see that the waiter has finally arrived at your table. Your first thought will be to ignore the waiter and let him stand by your place for a couple of minutes. It is a big no!

Arguing with your waiter is not advisable. No matter what kind of complain you want to make to the waiter, do it politely and respectfully. Likewise, arguing with the waiter about the quality of the food or the ambiance of the facility is useless. 

It will draw unnecessary attention towards you besides giving your waiter a bad taste in the mouth. 

The Final Word

Eating out is supposed to be a pleasurable experience. If you are polite enough with the waiter, the experience will become pleasant for you as well as the person waiting on you. Be sure to follow the above tips of dealing with your waiter the next time you go out to eat. 

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