If you work in the creative industry, it can be difficult to give yourself the time you need to relax and recharge. This is especially true if you have managed to turn your hobby into a profession. In every profession, it is essential that you take time out and do something for yourself. Having a break can also give you the chance to take a step back and re-evaluate what you are doing, reinspire you and maybe even help you to come up with new ideas! Here are some ideas for how you can turn your outdoor space, or even your office outdoor space if it has one, into an area where you can rest, recharge and reinspire yourself.

Clear any unwanted things

To start creating a garden space fit for a destressing, you need to clear out all of the rubbish, weeds and anything else unsightly. If there isn’t a lot, you can bag it up and take it to the tip, but if there is quite a lot, it may be worth thinking about hiring a skip to make your life easier. You might even want to hire a wood chipper if you decide to cut down any trees blocking out the sun or to make disposing of branches and other debris from trees and bushes easier. Once you have cleared away everything, you can start to think about what you want to add into the garden.

Plant some flowers

Flowers and greenery help to brighten up any area and make it feel more calming. Pick flowers like Pansies, Sweet Peas or Aquilegia, as they are easy to grow and maintain. Even if your outdoor space is just a block of concrete, there are plenty of beautiful plant pots that you could house your flowers in so that you can still benefit from their uplifting beauty. Having an array of plants will also encourage different types of wildlife into your space.

Invest in an outdoor seating area

A garden is not complete without a space to sit and enjoy it. You could buy some comfy garden chairs, a bench or even a swinging chair! Whatever seating you choose it will allow you to enjoy the fresh air in comfort. You could also add a table so that you can enjoy your lunch and coffee breaks outside to break up your day and give you the chance to breathe.

Choose a feature piece

A feature piece is not essential to have, but it can make the outdoor space special! If you do choose to have a feature piece, it should be the focal point of the garden. It could be a statue, an impressive plant, a piece of garden art or you could even choose to make your seating area the focal point. If you are creating the garden in your workplace, you could keep the feature piece on theme with your brand.

However you choose to design your outdoor space it will be beneficial in giving you and your colleagues somewhere to relax and destress on their breaks, and will help them find inspiration when they need it.


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