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You’re making money. You’re staying in business. And you have a dedicated core of loyal customers. But you’re ambitious. You don’t want to just get by in business. In fact, you’ll stop at nothing short of total world domination. You understand that your competitors are always snapping at your heels, and you want to leave them in your dust. In order to do that, however, you need to be at the top of your game. Both from an operational and a branding point of view. If you feel that people’s response to your brand has been somewhat lackluster of late, here are some ways in which you can start getting people excited again…

Start generating useful content

Content marketing is an important cornerstone of brand building. It’s vitally important for a number of reasons. It gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, expertise and authority, which is a great way to build value in your brand and get people to trust you enough to take a leap of faith. Blogging, vlogging, white papers, ebooks, tutorials and infographics are all great forms of content to engage your target audience. 

That said, content marketing can easily become grandiose and self-aggrandising if the content created isn’t useful to the reader or viewer. Before you start putting your content out there, you need a strategy that keeps value for the customer in mind. It should help them to solve a problem they encounter regularly or make their lives easier if it’s to resonate with them. 

Give your website an overhaul

In a world of mobile apps you could be forgiven for assuming that your website isn’t as important as it used to be. But for many, your website will be the first taste of your brand. Does your website reflect what you really want people to think about your brand?

Getting a company like Studio 44 Web Design can help breathe new life into your website. Not only can it be made to look more professional and up to date with current design trends, it can also be overhauled in terms of its UX- making it a smoother and more satisfying experience for the user.

Change the way you think about social media

Have you ever had a friend join a multi-level marketing scheme? You know just how grindingly tedious it can be when they treat every phone call, every meet for coffee and every social interaction as an opportunity to pitch their product to you. At worst it makes you want to block their number, at best it makes you think twice about inviting them to parties. 

Don’t be that guy on your social media channels. Nobody likes to be pitched to all the time. Yet so many businesses use their platforms purely for the hard sell. Social media only generates around 1% of conversions. It’s not a platform for making sales. It’s for interacting with your audience, building value in your brand and helping to give your business a sense of personality and character to which they can respond on a personal level.  

Make sure your actions follow through on your brand’s promise

Finally, it doesn’t matter what grand statements you make with your marketing, or how cutting edge your web design if your operations don’t back up the promise your brand makes. You need to ensure that your operations are efficient and your customer care exemplary of your brand is to be taken seriously. Otherwise it will seem like all flash and no substance.

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