5 ways to surprise your loved ones

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We don’t live in this world alone and honestly speaking, the world would seem a very dark and lonely place if we were not surrounded by our loved ones. Family, friends and our partners are the reason we have learnt to smile and enjoy our time in this world. We share our happiness and sadness with them, and nothing is complete until our friends and family are there to experience it with us. 

We depend so much on our loved ones for support and help in our hard times, and they never leave us hanging but do we ever appreciate all that they do for us? There are many things we can do to show our loved ones how much we appreciate their support for us like paying them a visit once in a while or signing up for a gift registry which sends them a gift from us to bring a smile to their faces.

Ways to surprise your loved ones

There are many ways we can make our loved ones feel special and bring a smile to their faces by la little effort. 


  • Give them a gift


The love for our friends and family can be demonstrated in many ways, and the most common is with a gift. Whether it’s for your mother on her birthday, your partner for your anniversary or your best friend for always being there for you, gifts are the best way to surprise a loved one. It can be an object, a dinner or a bouquet of roses, but the detail is what counts. 


  • A photo album


Customizing a photo album is one of the best ideas if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Gathering photos of special moments and personalizing it shows a lot of love and how special your relationship is to you. It also brings back memories from the sweet times you spent with your loved ones no matter how far you have come along after that.


  • It’s the little things that count


It’s not important that we make surprising our partners a big deal or spend more than we can manage to make them feel special. We can show our love from the little things that we do like:

  • A kiss 

Every day, surprise your partner with a great kiss of good morning, not only will they keep the intimacy alive, but it will make your loved one start the day in a good way. Also, even if you love your partner, you may forget to tell them. Occasionally, whisper the three words your partner loves hearing the most. It can be I love you, or I brought food, totally your choice.

 These small daily details will improve the relationship considerably and allow you to achieve a happy relationship with your partner.

  • Send flowers to work

Wouldn’t you love to receive a bouquet of flowers suddenly at work? It is a beautiful gesture that says a lot about what you appreciate in someone. There is no better way to remember and show your love for someone than a beautiful bouquet as a surprise for no apparent reason. It makes your loved ones realize that they don’t need an occasion to give you a gift.

  • Notes / love letters 

Sticking a love note in your partner’s suitcase or purse is a great way to surprise them. They might find it at a moment when they are stressed due to work, and your note might prove to be a refreshing surprise.

  • Prepare a surprise meal 

If your partner is in charge of preparing meals at home, why don’t you surprise them one night by preparing dinner? If you don’t have very good culinary skills, you can also take it from somewhere special or have it delivered to your home.


  • Dress up for your loved one


It might seem more of a gift for yourself rather than for your partner, but if you dress up especially for your partner and plan a special night for the two of you, there’s nothing more romantic than that. 

When couples begin to feel comfortable when they are together, they often forget their appearance. Striving to look good for each other can reignite the flame that brought you both together in the first place. 

You don’t have to look shabby and uninterested in your own body just because you don’t have to impress someone. A lively dress with light jewellery is sure to put a smile on the face of everyone in your family when they look at you. 


  • A getaway


What can be more thrilling than a sudden getaway with your loved one? They find you waiting by their office to sweep them off their feet and take them to a romantic or thrilling or relaxing getaway. Book a getaway, making sure that your partner is available to go with you and refresh your relationship. 

Have everything arranged in advance, from the approved leaves from work to the bookings in hotels and resorts. This may seem something expensive, but a getaway with your loved one is also priceless. 

Have a happy relationship

At some point, almost any relationship will become boring and routine, but that does not mean that we stop making efforts to make our relationship special. 

Even the most fun and loving relationship can lose life due to daily stress. A great way to renew your romantic life is to find ways to surprise your partner and put a smile on their face. A happy moment, however small, can help restore the spark of any relationship.

There are many ways you can surprise your partner and let them know how much they mean to you. 

  • Relax together 

After a long day of daily responsibilities, talk to your partner to spend some time relaxing together and with nothing occupying your mind. We often don’t realize it, but we become workaholics and start losing the balance between work and family life. 

This will work even if it is only for half an hour a day. This time spent together without doing anything annoying or stressful betters the relationship. 

  •  Be spontaneous 

Over the years in a relationship, couples often set themselves in a boring routine that can put out the flame of romance. Therefore, surprising your partner with a special activity and out of the ordinary is a great way to return the relationship to its initial state. 


Try to take out time to make your loved ones feel special and needed in your life through these steps and live a happy and fulfilled life.

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