If one could divide people of this world into two factions based on one singular principle, it would be the glass half empty/glass half full principle. On one side some people consider the glass as half full. For these people, life is all about finding the positive side of things. On the other side, we have people who consider the glass to be half empty. For these people, the negative aspects of any situation are the ones they choose to focus on instead of the positive aspects. This is not just a principle that you talk about as it impacts the whole way you live your life. The power of positive thinking is a force to be reckoned with. It has been known to be so successful that people even hire mindset coaches to help them get their life on track by changing the way they view things. While others need to learn how to look at the bright side of things, for other people, this comes naturally. If you are confused about which side of the spectrum you fall on, here are eight signs that will tell you that optimism is your mantra in life. 

You always count your blessings 

No matter what happens, you always count your lucky stars. You are constantly thankful for all the good things in your life. Even when things are not working out the way they are supposed to, you still think of all the things that did work out perfectly. For you, finding the silver lining in any situation is a must. Even when something bad happens to you, you are thankful because it could have been worse. You are not constantly looking at others who are doing better in life than you and wishing that it could have been you in their place instead. You look at others who are not doing as well as you and thank your lucky stars for being blessed with everything that you have. You are constantly in awe of how you have been given so much in life. 

You prepare for positive outcomes 

Whenever you look towards any goal or plan, you do not think about what could go wrong. You do not immediately start thinking about what to do if things do not turn out the way you want them to. You tend to prepare for positive outcomes. You believe in the power of positive thinking, and so you only think about a positive outcome. That way, you convince yourself that whatever is going to happen, it will happen the way you want it to. You do not like to think of the “what if” scenarios. You do not like to make lists for a Plan B because you always think that a Plan A will work out. You do not like to think of scenarios in which things do not go according to the plans that you have worked out on. 

You believe that whatever happens, happens for your good

When situations arise which are not in your favor, you look at them as being good for you in the long run. For you, bad outcomes are just bad in the current moment but are a blessing in disguise. If you are disillusioned by something, you look at it as being done for your good. You do not blame others for when things do not work out the way you want them to. You try to make the best of any situation that you are put in, even if that situation takes you out of your comfort zone. You find that things are happening because there is something better in store for you. 

You use envy to make yourself better

Even the happiest and positive people in life are not exempt from jealousy. For you, jealousy is the driving force that pushes you to do better, be better. Jealousy helps you find that spark that you have been looking for. You do not just use your envy and stew in it. If you see your coworker doing better than you, then you push yourself to work harder. If you admire someone’s wealth or their fitness journey, you push yourself to do better than them or achieve what they have achieved in life. You do not stew in your jealousy and envy but rather push yourself to become a better version of yourself.

You constantly look for ways to overcome obstacles

When you are faced with a challenge, you do not just halt all activities and power down. You think of ways to improve that situation and make it better. You find things you can do to make the situation better. If one door closes for you, you constantly look for other doors to open. Once you are sure that nothing can be done to salvage a certain situation, only then you give up and look for alternate options. You check out all possible options and try everything you can to make a situation better before giving up on it completely. You do not give up until you are sure that absolutely nothing can be done to salvage the situation at hand. 

You do not hold on to grudges 

If someone wrongs you, you do not go our seeking revenge. Forgive and forget is your mantra in life. Seeing the positive in all situations also means seeing the positive side of everyone. You do not believe that people are inherently bad; you just believe that circumstances lead them to commit bad actions. In that steed, you do not hold people accountable for the misdeeds they do against you. You rationalize to yourself that there must be a reason that this particular thing is happening to you. You absolve people of their part in a certain situation and blame the situation itself for being wrong. 

You are constantly inspiring people

The way you look at the world around you is a constant source of inspiration for other people. You are constantly looking to bring light and sunshine into the lives of other people. Everyone who meets you is in awe of your positive outlook on life and how you do not let unhappiness affect you or get you down in any way at all. Whenever someone needs a pep talk or a new outlook on life, they look towards you to lead them. You bring light into not only your own life but also to the people close to you by helping them look at hard circumstances differently.

You do not let any opportunity go amiss

When you take stock of all the challenges that life throws at you, you see them as opportunities for something new. If you get promoted to a city that you do not like, you see it as a new adventure in life. If you do not get the appraisal you were hoping for, you see it as a challenge to perform so much better next time that they are forced to give you a raise. Whatever life throws at you, you face it head-on. You do not get rattled at new challenges. When life gives you lemons, you do not whine or despair about what to do with it, you make lemonade and be thankful for it. 


While it is a great idea to look for the positive things in life, it is also important to process your emotions healthily. Being positive does not mean that you completely bury down any negative emotions that you might have and pretend that everything is okay. So, even if you are practicing the power of positive thinking, you need to remember that it is alright to let go and be sad once in a while.


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