How to choose the best Eyewear


Choosing the right eyewear can be so complicated sometimes. A lot of people think that round-faced people look good with square frames and square-faced people look good with round frames. Yes, that’s right. When selecting the eyewear, you should go with the opposite of your facial features. People with long faces should go for rectangular frames. The glasses should not be so loose that they fall off every time you bend over. They should secure firmly on the bridge of your nose. That being said, it should be irritating on the bridge of your nose. You can even visit the Macquarie centre optometrist to handpick the best eyewear in town.

Below are some tips you should consider before buying your next set of eyewear. That being said, choosing the right set of eyewear can be difficult due to the vast number of options available in the market today.


Studies have shown that most people looking to shop for eyewear do not check if the eyewear has 100% ultraviolet protection. This is important to consider when buying sunglasses as it usually has a sticker which can be seen on the frame of the eyewear.


If buying sunglasses, you should get big frames as that can help reduce ultraviolet light from attacking your eyes from the sides. However, if going for regular reading glasses, you can go for a nice rectangular set of frames. If you are working with a square face, you can go with just the opposite (round frames). Some people have diamond-shaped faces that go well with cat eyeglasses. It’s not a good idea to with frames that cover your entire face if you have an oval face. You can also find curved frame edges, and these frames compliment heart-shaped faces well.


With sunglasses, darker shades do not necessarily mean better protection to be sure to ask questions before purchasing your eyewear.


Colours like Amber and such are not as effective in the sun compared to any other colour, but they are better for sports as they have better contrast. The colour of your frame is also something you need to consider as to what compliments your skin tone the best.


These glasses do not mean better protection from the ultraviolet lights or sunlight, but it is very helpful with other activities like driving due to its reduction in glare.


You do not have to necessarily spend a ton of money to get the right pair of eyewear. You can get good cost-effective eyewear. Just use the tips mentioned above. That being said, you can easily be fooled into getting an expensive pair of glasses just because of the label or brand on it. You can get a very cost-effective pair just by doing enough research on the material bring used. Be smart with your money. Usually, times like Christmas are good to shop for glasses as people are usually busy shopping for other categories.

Another important thing to consider is getting insurance for your glasses (but only if they are expensive), as its quite easy for glasses to break and soon you will need another pair. This should help you save some money on getting a new pair. Glasses insurance is something you can look into.


When buying sunglasses, take your time with the decision. You can even use this as a way to show off your personality. In today’s day and age, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. Use your eyewear to express yourself. Also, make sure that the pair you get matches the type of your face. You can look up different types of faces on Google. Also, the complication of your skin matters a lot. The type of skin tone should determine the colour or your frames. Be sure to check with your local eye doctor or preferably a known eye specialist to determine your vision. This way, you can be certain of your current eye condition, not only will this help you with deciding on what type of glasses to get but also what is the root cause of the problem.


Luckily, we have a specialist for almost any type of eye inspection, and we should have routine check-ups even for our health, including the eye. If you look upon the internet, you will find that there are a lot of different types of doctors. One of them is called, an optometrist, an optometrist is an eye doctor who is trained to identify any signs of problems you may have in your eye, and even the ones which can be prevented. If you are thinking of getting insurance, it would be smart to have your eye included. As usually, eye surgeries are quite expensive. So it won’t be too bad if it doesn’t cost much.


The above-mentioned tips should help you in getting the right eyewear for your personality. Another quick tip is to wash your glasses every morning if you are using them regularly. You can use simple hand soap with hot water and use a cotton towel to dry them off. Keep a separate cotton cloth for the glasses. This way, your glasses will be protected from smudges and small spots. Unlike sunglasses. They are quite low maintenance. However, you need to be sure before investing in your new eyewear.


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