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Are you planning an event? You need to invite your guests and cannot figure out how to formally invite them? You don’t need to fret over it anymore and just focus and invest on your other duties. It is so because now you can design and customize ready-made templates online for your invitation card. It doesn’t matter whether the event is formal or a casual get together it just should be an invitation. 

Spreading out invitations is a crucial part of planning an event because if you tend to forget and skip any invitation then that means that particular guest is also skipped. Moreover, an invitation card is not just an invitation it is an outline of the whole event that what the event is. It outlines the necessary information like timings, date, venue and even the RSVP guests of the event including the host’s name as well.

Invitation card gives the whole vibe of the event to the guest that what kind of event it could be all just by the imagery of it. So it should be clear in one look. Following are the tips to consider while designing an invitation card.

  • Begin with measuring the dimensions of the card 

Depending on the type of event you’re designing and its context, the dimensions of the card may vary. You need to verify the size or length of the card to make it according to theme and event. 

  • Understand the colour theory

Colour theory is the most important aspects of the design that guide you how you can pair the cards into different colours and create a specific mood in a composition. You don’t need to apply colours but you need to create in a way that it looks much better if you’re talking about colour only. 

  • You need to find a visual style 

Most of the invitations are taken from distinct visual styles. Styles show an impact on card appearance which includes illustrations, colour scheme and typography. You need to find the right style while designing it. Designing the invitation card means it should be overwhelming at first since there are lots of directions you can go to find out what visual styles suits your card. 

Doing some extensive research might help you select which styles can work best for your occasion. Mood board helps you compile those inspirational instances of typography, illustrations and colour schemes in one place. You need to browse a lot to create an impressive invitation card for your event. You can go through Pinterest to find out existing invitation styles or you can also search through different websites that show how you can create an impactful invitation. 

  • Experimenting with templates

Starting with predesigned invitation template is a quick method, to begin your journey for creating your invitation card for any event. Especially, when you’re in a rush and not in a mood to create an invitation card and want a quick outcome or if you’re busy and want to spend less time on it. You can notice many templates that give you ideas for making an impressive card as well as show how colour palette can give your card an amazing look and how typography and colour come together while you design the invitation card for your event. 

  • Explain your colour scheme 

A colour scheme ties all design elements together as well as sets out the tone of your invitation card. The colour scheme plays an important and bigger role as compared to appearance only. It explains the nature of the invitation card. For instance, when you design a birthday invitation card, you will realize that vibrant palettes work well for birthdays whereas subdued palettes are ideal for the wedding invites. 

Finding the right colours to design an impressive invitation card can be overwhelming, specifically if you’re not familiar with colour theory. Intending to speed up with the colour selection procedure, you need to look up how you can create custom colour palettes for invitation cards. These colour combinations will provide you with an understanding of the colour scheme and give you a jolt of colour insight. 

  • Source high-quality fonts to create inspiring invitation cards 

Using a high-quality font is important especially when you want to make your invitation card for the event. You can also lookup for the quality fonts that can be used while designing the card. Just like the other elements associated with designing cards, typography plays an important and huge role in a composition. Different emotions evoke different fonts especially when you want to create an exceptional piece. For instance, script fonts radiate grace while sans serif fonts show more informal vibe. 

For fonts, you can find many websites that give you ideas on how you can use fonts. Many websites don’t charge you anything and are free. Some of these fonts run the risk that shows how poorly cards are designed but some of the sites are trustworthy to find high-quality and free fonts. If you want to design an impressive invitation card in the editor, you will find a selection of fonts including script fonts. Once you select a font for your invitation, you will see how it will enhance your card structure and would be quite attractive for your guests. 

  • Stick to the format and theme

Make sure to avoid reinventing the wheel every time by switching up design or colour instead of changing the layout elements.  In this whole process, you need to keep the couple or the person associated with the event so that they know how you’re designing card by permitting them to choose a colour scheme from a selection you make. You can also insert a photograph of the hosts if you want to add a personal touch to it. This will be suitable for gender reveals or wedding invitations.


In the end, creating an invitation card can give a good impression to your guests. Even if you begin with traditional cards, you will see a good response instantly where people will appreciate you for making an effort to invite them.


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