Hey, heartiest congratulations! As your child has turned one, and this calls for a celebration. So where are you going to plan this party? And what about the theme of the party….? There are a lot of such questions come in our mind when it comes to planning the first birthday party of a child. Everyone wants to throw the best and memorable party for their toddler, but it needs a lot of effort, proper planning, and a good event management company to turn your dreamy birthday party into a real one. There are a lot of famous companies who are good at arranging such events at reasonable prices with so many exciting games and activities for the guests. So if you want to plan a theme party for your little one, then get in touch with an event organizing company like StarDust Kids in Sydney

They are exceptionally amazing in providing entertainers for children according to the theme.   

Before going to any event planner, make a list of all the things that you want to do in your child’s party like magic shows, face painting, fun games, and decide the theme as well. By doing so, you can estimate your budget, and after this, according to your budget, you can throw an unforgettable party for your little one. Well, if you are still confused and have no idea which items to add to your kid’s party, then this article will surely help you. Because here, we are going to share a few tips from how to decide a theme, including games and fun-filled activities that can make your baby’s birthday extraordinary wondrous.


Either you are arranging a party, wedding, or any other event, the first thing you need to do is make your budget. If your budget is high, then you have lots of options, and you can do so many other things. But do not worry if you have a low budget still, you can arrange a good event, plenty of games you can plan in a minimum amount. Do not burden yourself or exceed the budget as there are so many companies who can plan your event in your desired budget. 


It is the second step that comes after evaluating the budget. Once you calculate the budget, then make a guest list according to it and then decide the venue as per the number of guests you are going to invite. If the number of guests is not too much, then you can arrange this event at your place or else you can do an outdoor event.


One of the most challenging and crucial steps when it comes to organizing a party, as the rest of the decoration of the party, will be according to the theme. A theme should be in mind according to the gender of the baby like a Frozen or Barbie theme for girls and a superhero theme for a boy. You can also select a particular color for your party and ask your guests to come in that color.


Though it is your child’s first birthday, you can arrange fun games for the guests’ children according to their age. A lot of options are there like hide and seek, musical chairs, scavenger hunt, balloon bursts, bubble wrap race, and so on. These entertaining games will not only engage the kids but their parents as well. To make it more exciting, you can also present gifts to the winners of these games.


The birthday is incomplete without a cake. Some people like chocolate cakes while some prefer cream cakes, but it all depends upon the taste and choice of every single person. If you have arranged a theme party for your kid, then order a customized cake according to the theme. People nowadays are also choosing personalized photo cakes with their pictures on it. The size of the cake should be according to the number of your guests, do not order a tiny cake if your guests’ list is too long and vice versa.


It is evident that when you are going to invite the guest to your party, then you need invitation cards as well. There is a variety of invitation cards available, it entirely depends on your choice, and you can go for various options like simple invites or customized-invites as per the theme. Do not forget to send these invites at least one week before the party to avoid any hindrance.


To make the birthday of your child more memorable, you can hire a professional photographer to capture all your precious moments with your child. You can also do a professional birthday-photoshoot of your child that will last as a memory forever. Setting up a photo booth, where your guests can get their pictures clicked with professional photographers, will make your event more enjoyable. You can ask any event management company that will take care of all these things from clicking pictures to perform magic shows for the kids.


Last but not least is food as every party is incomplete without tasty and delicious meals. A wide variety of food you can serve at your party like mini pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, lollipops, muffins, and so on. To make it more exciting, you can also arrange magic shows for kids so they can have their small meals while enjoying magic tricks. Another new thing to make the birthday party more impressive is child entertainers, dressed up as cartoon characters.


When it comes to arranging any birthday, especially the first birthday party for your kid, parents become confused and worried. As they have so many things going on their minds, but all these problems can be solved by going to an event planner who will help to throw a memorable yet entertaining birthday party for your kid within a minimum budget.

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