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Diet drops are aimed to burn fat fast and keep ideal body weight. Diet Drops are basically supplements used for weight loss. Diet drops should always be used by consulting a doctor first. They are sold commercially on a very high rate. Here is a list of few things that you should know about diet drops.

  • What Is A Diet Drop

A diet drop contains HCG, and this is a hormone which is produced in pregnant women to help the growth of the baby. The main ingredient in diet drops, pills and injection are HCG. These supplements cause weight loss. Initially, this hormone was injected into kids who were obese. After long research, it was proved that diet drops, including HCG, cause weight loss by inserting a feeling of safety and by eliminating hunger. Fat is redistributed by using diet drops.

  • Ingredients Of Diet Drops

Some of the ingredients used in diet drops are Homeopathic HCG, A-arginine 6X and L-tyrosine 6X. There are more elements found in the drops; this mixture of drops helps to overturn ravenous appetite. These ingredients directly control male and female hormone functions. Since a pregnant woman’s body already produces hCG; therefore, it is harmful to her and the baby. Breastfeeding mothers should also avoid the use of diet drops.

  • Number Of Drops Per Day

The recommended number of drops per day is six. Avoid eating before and after taking diet drops. People who have a history of pre-existing illness should consult their doctor first. Maintaining a healthy diet is also important when it comes to weight loss with diet drops. HCG oil is a combination of HCG hormone and a low-calorie intake diet. 

  • Injectable HCG and Homeopathic HCG

Almost all the HCG products in the medical field use homoeopathic HCG. Real HCG is only found in injections sold at hospitals and prescribed by a professional doctor. Homoeopathic HCG does not contain the direct ingredient of HCG. In the extreme HCG diet, it is said that a person can lose 1-2 pounds daily. 

  •  Best Result Of Diet Oil

HCG based diet oils are effective when you diet along with the use of oils. Our body accepts and reacts to medicine when not in use. Diet oils adipose fat tissues, and the body can still get energy from these fats. Diet oils work in phases, and it’s not easy and possible to achieve weight loss if you skip any phase.

  • How to Get Diet Oils?

Diet Oils can be found in the form of oral drops, sprays and pellets. There are many companies selling their oil online, and it can easily be found from a retail store. You will need a prescription if you are looking for an HCG based diet oil. HCG diet oil was developed by Dr A.T.W Simeons to treat obese patients clinically. 

  • Side Effects of Diet Oils

Diet oils may lead to different kinds of cancer, ovarian and testicular cancer are most likely to be caused by the over the use of these oils. Agitation, Kidney problems, increased heart rate, diarrhoea, sleeplessness and rectal bleeding are also side effects of diet oils according to the FDA.

  • Improves Body Composition

Proponents of HCG based diet oil claim that this oil is only responsible for fat loss and not muscle loss. When the body conserves energy, and there is no external source to keep it going, then your body might face energy deficiency. But the advocates claim that other hormones are made up for this loss of energy by boosting metabolism. The right exercise and weightlifting is a good way to keep a sound body. Your body needs a good diet, rich in nutrients can speed up metabolism, and keep you healthy. 

  • Diet Oil And Diet

HCG diet is composed of low fat and low-calorie. It is divided into phases; loading phase, weight loss phase and maintenance phase. The loading phase means the start of diet oil intake, weight loss phase includes HCG intake continuation and cut down on calorie intake. Maintenance phase means it’s time to stop taking diet oil and gradually increase food intake, sugar and starch are to be avoided for at least three to four weeks. If the required weight loss is not achieved during all these phases, then repeat the cycle. There is a strict diet chart for this, and only two meals can be enjoyed in one day. When you start this diet, you will get a list of items that you are allowed to eat. Protein, vegetable and a small portion of bread are allowed for people on diet oils. To save your body from getting exhausted drink lots of water, and take any of your favourite fluids without sugar and starch in them. Oils and fried stuff is strictly prohibited, butter also disturbs the diet cycle, so it is also not allowed. The total number of a calorie per day should not exceed above 500.

The Final Word

Diet oils have worked for some people and for some, it didn’t. It’s better to consult a doctor before going on a diet if you are on a medication, never use diet oils. Always pick diet oils from a renowned seller, people with less knowledge of diet oils get scammed in buying these products. This diet is extreme and needs mental and physical patience to see the results.


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