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Getting good employment for yourself is now considered as a basic want to survive, and hence it would not be wrong if people go crazy for getting jobs. As we all know the present situation and the fact that how competitive the world is being and in this, where there is one after another person in search of employment also comes people who are disabled but yet, get employment. Because employment is a thing that is achieved due to the competency and skills of a particular person, irrespective of his or her physical disability. However, due to mental disabilities, some companies often avoid hiring disabled people.

Some several countries and companies provide employment services and provide employees with benefits to people with disabilities, and in this, at work Australia is a great advantage for such people. 

Who is a disabled person?

As defined by the disability discrimination act (DDA) a person with a disability is an individual having a mental or physical hindrance which is considerable and long haul unfriendly impact on their capacity to do ordinary everyday exercises? The DDA puts out the conditions under which an individual is ‘incapacitated’. So one must fulfill these conditions. 

How to deal with a disabled employee? 

In today’s world, we come across in our organization with different types of people and in those, some who are disabled either mentally or physically. 

If a person holds any kind of disability so remember, that it has a long term effect on the person, but this does not mean at all that the person is not able to do his work or to perform the given task. Disabled people someway are found to have special qualities that make them unique from other employees.

While you are meeting a disabled person always remember these things in mind: 

  • Try to be patient and show them you are interested in what they are saying
  • Never increase your voice 
  • If you give an offer of help, get proper information about what should be provided
  • Try to contact them directly and avoid involving the third party to communicate your message. This will make them feel important. 
  • Start your conversation with shaking hands
  • Do not make fun of their names, call them by their first name 
  • Consider and treat them like adults
  • Do not ignore their presence in a get to gather. When leaving, do inform them 
  • Do not create distractions for them
  • Their wheelchair or any other object is their belonging, consider it as some one’s property and do not try to touch or move them without their permission
  • Communicate with them in the same manner as you do with your other colleagues and use expressions. 
  • Praise them as much as you can 
  • And last but not least! Remember, they are the milestones present at your organization. 

Myths and facts about disability employment: 

Here are some myths, as well as facts regarding disability employment all around the world. So here you go:


  • Myth: By appointing employees with disabilities, you increase workers’ recompense insurance cost. 


              Fact: employees with disabilities are not responsible for the insurance rates as it all depends upon the institute’s experience of accident and on the risks involved at the time of operation. 


  • Myth: Employees without disabilities are found to be more regular and punctual


              Fact: It is opposite to the myth. Employees with disabilities show more regularity.


  • Myth: People with disabilities hold an inspiring personality with braveness because they are the ones fighting with their disabilities but still working hard.


       Fact: They are the people who are mobbing on with their normal activities of life like others where they drive, go for groceries, pay bills, and also take parts in athlete events. 


  • Myth: A disabled person always needs a person by his side so that he does not fall in life. 


              Fact: As like other human beings, people with disabilities should also be encouraged to take part in every human activity, and they should be treated equally like other employers of the organization. 


  • Myth: People with disabilities are at an employment risk because they fail to meet performance standards


       Fact: In a survey conducted, it was found 811 employees are with disabilities, and out of the 90% proved out better in job performance as compared to 95% for employees without disabilities. 


  • Myth: It becomes very hard for people with disabilities to get work


               Fact: The important factor that plays here is the mode of transportation. People with disabilities without giving an excuse to work with their transportation which includes walk, a cab or any other public transport. 


  • Myth: People with disabilities does not match the criteria of work as they do not possess skills


              Fact: They are the ones who develop powerful evaluated thinking skills by bringing special skills and characteristics to their work. 


  • Myth: Finding accommodation in their workplace would be extremely costly 


              Fact: The cost of accommodation is generally not that expensive.  


  • Myth: A wrong statement from the side of a disabled person during the work hours will make other employees angry or can feel hurt


               Fact: accepting each other can create friendly relationships among the employees


  • Myth: Co-laborers will be awkward, and their profitability will be adversely affected.  


               Fact: Employees with disabilities positively affect their colleagues.


  • Myth: Taking out a lot of information before hiring a disabled person is investing your time and can be difficult 


Fact: Taking out information is not a big deal, and you can be helped in doing this job by many, and it requires no money.


  • Myth: Appointing people with disabilities can make a worker at risk to a legal action 


              Fact: There are very organizations that go through disability assertion. 


  • Myth: Employing people with disability will result in creating a bad effect on your business 


              Fact: Having people with disabilities at your organization will help you in creating a great business niche.


Proving every myth wrong, the facts hold a heavy weightage and shows that people with disability are considered not as a burden but as gems to their organization because the characteristics which they possess are what that makes them unique. They also bring their competencies and skills into the organization. 

At some period when it was observed that such people with disabilities were not treated with respect either and today they are given equal status and opportunity like other people to work and by giving them the freedom to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

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