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If you are a new artist and new to the art gallery scene, this will be an experience that can truly change the way you think about working as an artist. 

Today we want to talk about some of the things you need to do when preparing for an art exhibition. 

  1. Location

If you have been picked to display your art by a gallery or multiple galleries, you need to consider the location of the place and how you will get to and from. Hiring a van and ensuring to use mechanical services to check the vehicle before you go is a great way to get around and have plenty of space for canvases and stands if you need them. Consider whether it is worth staying at a hotel close to the gallery if this will be easier for you. 

  1. Choosing Artwork

The biggest decision you will need to make when preparing for an exhibition is choosing the pieces you want to display. Be sure that you choose the best artwork you have to offer and choose the pieces that best represent your style and flow. Choose your favourite few pieces and be sure that you can share their meaning and there backstory if they have one. Art is a great way to feel connected to another human being and by sharing your soul you can make a splash and make people happy. 

  1. Be Ready

When preparing your art pieces for a gallery it is important to take a look over them and see whether there are any finishing touches you can make to elevate them for their debut in public. This could include a few extra paint strokes, a touch of white highlight, or maybe even a simple placement in a frame. 

  1. Transport it 

The hardest task of the tour will be to transport your work from one place to another without them getting damaged at all. Your artwork is unique and precious so you need to make sure to protect them in the journey. If your art is largely in sheets of paper that will be framed, take the pictures out of the frame and store them in a accordion folder that will provide a flat protective surface. You can frame them once you reach the destination. If you have larger pieces and canvases, wrap them up securely in bubble wrap before you transport them. 

  1. Prepare A Catalogue

When preparing for an exhibition you need to think about supporting marketing for the day. One of these things will be a catalogue detailing every piece in the collection as well as prices and information about the piece. This will allow visitors to pick one up throughout the day and explore your pieces even once they have left the gallery. This is a good chance for you to add some extra art pieces that aren’t on display to try and sell more of your pieces to the public even once they have gone home. 


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