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Whether it’s a freelance career or you’ve been in the business world for some time, working on marketing your business can be a tumultuous challenge. After all, the very nature of marketing is an ever-evolving beast. But when you are looking for simple yet effective ways to market your business, this could set you apart from the crowd. And if you’ve got an abundance of digital tools, but not necessarily the budget to match it what can you do to make the most of your powers?


Pay-per-click marketing is something that can separate you and your immediate competitors. Some people feel that PPC is not worth it, but when we are fighting the battle for Google real estate PPC can give us a distinct advantage. There are so many resources to utilise, especially with regards to Google Ads, such as, and when people are looking for organic ways to increase their ranking on Google, sometimes we have got to give our business a bit of a push. It’s a worthy investment upfront.

Creating A Buzz

Away from the digital world, positive word-of-mouth can mean so much. From the perspective of public relations, combining positive word-of-mouth with the digital world is an invaluable combination. The great thing in the modern day is that small business owners don’t necessarily need to work hard to acquire buzz. You can subscribe to sites like Help A Reporter Out located on which can allow you to respond to queries by reporters looking for story ideas or resources. It’s an excellent way to implement your business into a wider consciousness. By creating a buzz and aligning yourself with an actual real-world event, it will give you an extra edge.

The Importance Of Free Trials

In the marketing world, you should never be afraid to give somebody a free trial or a sample. Ultimately, it’s not expensive to offer a free sample and now, people are more comfortable purchasing an item they’ve had the opportunity to try out. These days, it’s a lot of effort to get people to buy something, and if you are to stand a chance, you have to offer the olive branch to engage people.

Strong Relationships With Your Customer Base

A customer that already bought your product isn’t a lost cause. In fact, they are more important than getting new customers. Building on relationships you already have with a customer isn’t just about trying to sell a new product to them, but you could also ask a customer for referrals. It can seem that from the perspective of any business that it’s almost the equivalent of going tail in between their legs to ask a customer for a referral but if a customer has raved about your product in the past, asking them to do it on a public platform will only strengthen your brand.

Make The Most Of Your Local Community

One of the big mistakes modern businesses make is that they think they’ve got to go international straight away. It’s more important, especially at the beginning, to market your business locally. Making the most of sponsoring a local event or finding ways to become involved with local efforts can bolster your brand from a grassroots level.

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