Those plain and delicate windows start looking monotonous after some days. Some people stick to traditional blinds, ignoring all the amazing options available to them. Believe it or not, but designing windows is super important. It can make or break the image of your entire house. 

Well, it is quite challenging to decide what would look the best. The overwhelming options, styles, and designs can get very confusing. At the same time, there are unaware of the countless choices available to them. Surprisingly, to help you out, here are 10 creative ways of dressing a window, allowing you to bring style to your house.

  • Bamboo Shades

Do you know what this looks like? These shades are not made from bamboo sticks. However, it does not mean that you have a bamboo stick hanging on your window. Bamboo is a particular type of wood, and these shades also have an exquisite wooden look, adding style not just to the windows but your entire room. 

Moreover, there are a lot of designs and styles available to match different themes of the house. You have the option to choose from varying colours, dark or light wood. If you are looking for something delicate yet classy, then there is no better choice than designing your windows with bamboo shades. 

  • Add Window Shutters 

Window shutters Sydney are not going out of fashion anytime soon. Even in today’s world, this is the ultimate way to style a window. After all, the overwhelming designs and styles should be put to some use. People cannot help themselves from obsessing over those cozy plantation shutters or those vintage styled shutters. They do change the look of the entire house. 

Besides, the variety of options is helping people select the ones that go in line with the theme of their house. Also, they have a promising life with affordable prices, making them the ultimate choice for people out there. 

  • Woven Wood Shades 

People with wooden furniture, this your shot. Woven wooden shades have grabbed everyone’s attention due to their exclusive style and appealing look. These are more like blinds, and you can alter the sun exposure by pulling them up or down. Besides, the wide range of designs and appealing colours is truly amazing. You can find them at varying prices to suit your budget. Nothing can look better with your wooden furniture than these shades.  

  • Long Curtains

Even though this is the most traditional way of designing your windows, it has its own charm and style. This is the reason why people cannot stop themselves from spending on curtains. However, it is super crucial to pick the pertinent designs and style that actually complements the window. 

Some people end up choosing bulky designs and heavy cloth that ends up hiding the window. To flash some creativity, go for what is trending. These days people are drooling over frills and solid colours. So, think about getting long curtains with frills to make it look one of a kind. 

  • Frosted Glass Design 


This is another way to design your windows. Believe it or not, but frosted glass design looks impeccable on windows. It blocks the outside view but provides enough sunlight exposure. Besides, it comes in so many designs. Some people opt for highly frosted glasses making every invisible, while some prefer slightly frosted glasses to enjoy the view at the same time. Thus, it is up to you what you prefer for your windows

  • Lace Windowpanes 

Nobody likes neighbours peeking through the windows, but at the same time, those drapes were too last year. They not only look boring but disrupt the look for your entire house. So, how about you opt for some lace windowpanes? Yes, some lace for your windows is not doing any damage. 

You can pick various colours, but white complements every theme of the house. You can put some lace to the glass of your window and see the magic. It would save you from all peeking neighbours while controlling the exposure of sunlight. Go for darker colours if you want to minimal sunlight or else neutral-coloured laces would work too. 

  • Fancy Drapes

Every house has different spots; some are exclusively for guests while others have free access. Well, designing your guest sitting area is quite tricky. After all, you cannot go funky with window designs nor stick to the traditional ones. Here is where some fancy drapes would come to your rescue. These are fancy enough to fit your theme and delicate enough to complement your windows. Besides, you have a choice to pick up different materials and designs. 

  • Faux Stained Glasses 

Who does not like a pop of colours on windows? It is another unique way to design your windows. Many people are creative enough to play with glass paints and come up with unique designs. Similarly, glass pained windows look equally appealing. You can pick colours depending upon the level of exposure you want. At the same time, you can paint the glass to a level that it does not block your view. 

  • A Mini Hanging Garden 

How about you light up your boring looking kitchen? Well, a small essence of greenery can do wonders for your kitchen, especially when paired with windows. So, do not mind giving a shot to hanging some pots right in front of your windows. You only have to stick a rod between the windows and start hanging some pots. 

The direct sunlight exposure would ensure their health, while you can enjoy the benefit of fresh herbs and spices. Many people actually grow herbs and spices in their kitchen to consume food with fresh ingredients. At the same time, it would be a unique design for your windows too. 

  • Wooden Vertical Blinds

Have you seen those ancient blinds with wooden slaps? Honestly, this is a unique way to design your window. It is more like vintage and classical design and would look perfect if it complements the theme of your house. You can hunt for some old wood and get it chopped into thin slats. Feel free to take measurements of your windows to avoid misshaped slaps. Once you are done, start hanging them one by one to see how it looks. Usually, this style if for cottages and vintage-themed houses. 

Wrapping Up 

Creativity comes from within, but when it comes to dressing windows, you have every right to be confused. After all, picking up from so many options is not a child’s play. People looking forward to some unique and creative designs should look above. It would definitely give them enough clues to make the right decision.

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