We hope everything is all OK with you and yours.

ArtSHINE is a community focused on supporting you. Your health, safety, and livelihood is central to our thinking and our top priority right now.

First up, please follow advice and updates from the World Health Organization and your local medical and government authorities.

  • Stay at home
  • Keep your distance
  • Wash your hands
  • Seek medical assistance and self-isolate if you show symptoms

Things are moving fast. We have no idea how long this pandemic event will last. But we do understand this event will fundamentally change how business is done, short term, and long into the future. So that’s why we reiterate our promise to you now.

ArtSHINE is here and committed to our mission; working to support and encourage creative professionals like you.

That all means we will keep moving forward and planning for the future. That also means we need to refocus on some new realities.

We recommend you continue doing your art, prepare for the future and build a good foundation during this current situation so you will be ahead when the norm resumes.

Here’s a helpful guide – split into three segments using ArtSHINE’s OPIC business model for artists – that will keep you inspired, creative and positive.

‘Working ‘IN’ your Creative Zone: Goals to create your art

Maintain your art: It’s important to keep up the momentum. Your creativity shouldn’t stop. Focus on your craft, and build up your current or next art series.

Housekeeping:  Time for a spring clean so organise and clean your studio and home. Staying home means all the jobs you put off can now get done. You’ll feel so much better, and will be one task less on your to-do list.

Review Your Workspace: Isn’t it time to review your studio and look at ways to become more efficient. We’re all working differently, so find a way that works for you. We have artists who have transformed their studios and even garages to showcase their works for art buyers to visit. The key is to create a space that inspires buyers when they visit.

Stocktake: Your art materials and supplies are essential so make sure you have the essentials and prepare your art process like mixing colours, prime your canvases, etc. Get the process ready so you can dive in and create amazing works.

Inventory Management: If your art is stored in different places, create an inventory of where it is. There are software and platform solutions for art stock management. We use Art Galleria, a cloud art database solution for artists, collectors and galleries, to manage our galleries stock and art licensing images. We highly recommend them, but you can also use a spreadsheet or an exercise book to keep a record. But create a system that works for you.

Database Management: Time to review and update your mailing list. If you don’t have one, create one. Your list will grow if you set a goal to improve it. A mailing list is crucial for your business and the best way to communicate and build relationships with your audience. Make a habit of sending out a regular newsletter to update your audience. To manage your list you could you use Mailchimp, it’s free, and you only pay if you take your mailing to the next level.

Tune in next week for part 2

‘Working ON’ your Creative Practice: Goals to promote your art


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