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Keeping your office on good condition will help you to attract more customers or clients, maintain your brand, hold onto a positive reputation, and help your employees to be more productive.

An office that is clean and organised is somewhere that customer or clients will enjoy coming to if they have to visit you, and will help your employees to do their job better and enjoy their time at work more. Keeping your office to a good standard doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Use these tips to maintain your office. 

Organise Office Supplies

The first step to keeping your office looking it’s best is to keep your office supplies properly organised. No matter what kind of business you are or how smart your office design is, you will have noticed that things like pens, paperclips, paper, and other office supplies always end up spread all around the office. Get the clutter under control by giving office supplies a proper place to live, like a stationery cupboard. In that space, use items like boxes, bins, and drawers to organise everything. 

Use whatever system makes sense to you and for your business, as long as you’re keeping things tidy. The goal is to contain office supplies where they are out of the way but easy for everyone to find when they need them. This increases productivity and efficiency. Keep clutter out of sight to make your office look more professional. 

Wash The Windows Often

Don’t forget about the office windows. Dirty windows make your office look unappealing from the outside, and aren’t pleasant for your employees inside either. Clean windows make the whole building look much smarter, and the office much nicer to be in. 

If you have high windows, hire a professional window cleaning company who will have the skills and equipment to clean them safely. Book a cleaning on a regular basis. It’s important to care for your windows too, so stay on top of things like glass scratch repair too, to keep your windows sparkling. 

Clean Out Storage Areas Frequently

Cupboards and storage areas can be very prone to clutter, so be sure to stay on top of this by cleaning these areas on a regular basis. Get rid of anything that you no longer need, and put any supplies or equipment that you do still need back tidily, and organised. 

The best way to tackle these problem areas is to take everything out and sort everything into three piles. One pile for things you need to keep, one for things you don’t need that can be donated, and one for things to be thrown away. If you have things you don’t need but are still in good condition, you could sell or donate them. For example, if you have old laptops that are work perfectly well, but can’t run the software you need, allow staff to buy them at a discount. This gets rid of them for you and helps you offset the cost of replacing them. 

When you put everything from the keep pile back into the cupboard, make sure you do it an organised way that makes sense for the office. Put the things that people will need the most often nearest the front, and label everything clearly so it can found quickly. 

Organise A Cleaning Day

You might not be able to control how clean your employees keep their desks or work stations, but you can encourage them to do better. Organise a cleaning day and ask everyone to clear the desks, organise their belongings, and wipe everything down. Office supplies and surfaces can gather a lot of dust, so removing everything from the desk makes it easier to clean. 

Every few months, block out an hour in the workday for you and your team to spend on cleaning and organising their work areas. Make sure they have access to cleaning supplies and garbage bags. To help everyone keep desks more organised after the big clean, give them things like drawers and desk organisers so they can put everything away in a way that is tidy but still easily accessible. 

Tidy and well-organised desks look a lot more professional when clients come in for meetings, so it’s important to stay on top of this if clients every walk through the office. A well-organised desk is also good for staff productivity. If things are tidy, people can find what they need much more quickly, and won’t have loads of clutter to distract them.

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