“Beyond the screen”  by ArtSHINE BrightStars  Valerie Khoo

Artists spend hours on pieces, perfecting their craft, and working against a tidal wave of emotions, ideas, and errors to get the desired effect or feeling from a picture which shall captivate their intended audience. 

An important element which determines an art piece’s success is the pictures of the work. 

Artists are generally required to submit their work initially in digital form. For interested parties such as art professors, licensing agencies such as ArtShine, bodies providing grants for talented artists and clients to preview.

Your artwork may be incredible and inspiring, but unless this can be portrayed successfully through digital imagery, your chances of justifying the beauty of your work fall significantly.

Professionally photographed art pieces, however, shall increase an artists chances of having their work receive the recognition it deserves. Whether the artist intends to win a prize in an art contest or succeed in having their picture displayed at a prestigious event or gallery.

If you want to know how to photograph your artwork like a professional, read on for three tips, to transform your photos, and express your art’s distinct qualities.

BSR by Anhony Van LAM

Professional Camera

The primary objective artists should aim to succeed while photographing their work is a sharp image that highlights a true reflection of the piece of work they have created. 

For brilliant images, a camera phone will simply not suffice. Instead, if you don’t own a professional camera, or can’t afford to purchase one, consider hiring one instead. This will enable you to experiment, practice, and perfect taking pictures of your work. 

As a suggestion, the brand Canon utilises advanced technology which enables people to take beautiful photographs, regardless of whether they have experience. For a reputable camera suited to picking up the intricacies and full effect of your artwork, perhaps hire a Canon 5D Mark IV for your next project and avoid cheaper brands. An excellent camera is an essential investment for beginner and experienced artists.


If you have the means to, think about photographing your work in the best available light – the natural light outdoors. However, be mindful of the weather, and take care not to place your artwork in direct sunlight either. In doing so, the images of your pieces may appear distorted, or alter the colours. Outdoor photography is accomplished best with indirect sunlight. 

Hang Artwork

Instead of taking images of your art positioned on an easel. Or from an angle looking down on the piece, hang the art flush against a wall. 

Opt for a wall that is neutral in colour, to prevent garish colours or imagery clashing with the picture. While taking your photos, assure the camera is parallel to the middle section of the artwork. To keep your camera steady, use a surface to rest on, otherwise, purchase a tripod. Stable equipment to position your camera on will prevent the images of your art from turning out fuzzy.

Curating compelling, life-like images of art pieces is often not given the time and effort it needs by artists to present the best of their work. To set your art pieces apart from competitors, allow time before a deadline to dedicate effort, by using the tips above, to photograph your work like a professional.

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