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Everyone has the necessities they never fly without, but for business travellers, who prefer to take shorter and more frequent trips and navigate packed schedules once they reach their destination, the list may seem very different.

Business travellers need to remain organised, accessible, relaxed and safe as they transition between time zones. Anything that can help them to achieve this equilibrium will make them happier and much more efficient, so make sure that the employee you send off to represent your company on the international stage has everything that they need to be packed and ready to go. 

Portable charger

The last thing that anyone wants when they are away on a business trip or at a meeting is for their device to run out of battery. Sure, you can carry a big charger pack around with you, but to look professional, business-like and streamlined, a portable charger or battery pack will make sure you stay connected.

First aid kit

Accidents and illnesses happen even on business trips, so it is essential that someone on a trip carries a first aid kit with them. Ensure it contains any necessary medication, including diarrhea tablets, and basic items such as plasters and bandages, tweezers, antiseptic wipes, thermometer and plastic gloves. 

Travel adaptor

Different areas of the world have different plug sockets and voltages, so make sure that your employee has an adaptor for the different plugs that they may encounter. The last thing that they or you want to happen is to not be able to plug anything in!

Self-filtering water bottle

Staying hydrated is essential anyway, but it is even more important after flying and while working. The problem is that in many areas of the world, the water does not taste good, or in the worst-case scenario, is not safe to drink. A self-filtering water bottle will render any tap water drinkable and is much better for the environment – and the wallet – than disposable bottles of water.

A portable steamer

Nothing looks more unprofessional than a creased up suit, but it can be notoriously difficult to get a suit and shirts from one country to the next without a crease or two appearings. Hotel irons can be unreliable and inefficient, but a handheld portable steamer can freshen up even the most wrinkled of suits leaving your employee looking sharp and ready to take on the world. 

Anti-bacterial gel and wipes

Constand hand-shaking, hotels, public transport, airports and aeroplanes – your employee is going to be exposed to plenty of germs on their trip. A pack of wipes means they can give everything a clean before they touch it and a pocket-sized anti-bacterial hand gel ensures clean hands. It is even more important considering the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that surrounds us.

Packing for a business trip is harder than it seems. There is plenty to think about, even for the shortest of trips, to make sure that your employee stays professional, safe and connected. This list should give you a starting point to work from. 


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