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Do you ever feel like breaking free?

Sometimes, it can easily feel that the things we work so hard to own are actually owning us. There is a growing movement in a lot of different sectors towards living more simply, letting go of excess possessions, consuming less and just becoming more conscious of the way we live. You can see it reflected in the Minimalist movement and even the passion for transportable homes and follow and live in the Tiny House Movement. We can all embrace a little of this in our daily lives. You don’t have to give up all of your worldly goods and go on a silent retreat to benefit from a little of this inner peace. With the idea that too much stuff can be a burden, you can take small steps to live a simpler and more contented life.

Realize What You Really Need

Possessions give us a false sense of security. There’s still a caveman part of our brains that tells us if we surround ourselves with things, we are successful and safe. But actually modern homes tend to be filled with hardly-worn clothing, unused gadgets and unnecessary impulse buys. Start small, to begin with. Pick one overcrowded area of your life – the closet is a great place to begin for a lot of people – and refine it down to what you really need. You can do this by placing every item of clothing you haven’t worn recently (bar seasonal items) into a large box somewhere else for six weeks. If the six weeks pass, and you haven’t touched it, it’s safe to say you probably don’t need it and wouldn’t miss it. 

Don’t Hold On For Emotional Reasons

Keeping things for sentimental reasons is never a good idea in most cases either. You can take a photograph and store it digitally instead of hanging onto the item of clothing or keepsake in most cases. So if you have a garage full of old stuff or a storage unit you pay for and never visit, it’s definitely time for a review. 

Have A Give-Away Strategy

Sometimes we get caught in a kind of organizing paralysis because we’re just not sure what to do with all the stuff. Throwing it away feels wasteful and upsetting. So have a clear plan in your mind for where the possessions you have outgrown can go. If there are things you love, try giving them to people that you love. Objects with sentimental value make beautiful gifts, and they can help out someone you really care for. Plus you have the mental image of the item not being ‘lost’ but being looked after by someone who can fully make use of it. If you have too many clothes, holding a clothes swap party with friends is a great way to gain something new and ensure the outfits you love to have a longer lifespan – just make sure that you don’t bring back more than you cleared out! Favourite causes and charities are also important – you can either pass items on to sell or sell yourself on platforms like eBay and Craigslist and donate the money. This attaches a feelgood buzz to giving something away that makes it much easier.


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