What is ArtSHINE Creative Circle?

ArtSHINE Creative Circle

You are not alone.

Working in an Art & Design Practice, or a Creative Business can be challenging.

You can get trapped in the daily tasks, and lose sight of your dreams, missing the big picture.

ArtSHINE Creative Circles are a community of creative people who share ideas, experiences and knowledge to improve their creative and entrepreneurial skills.

We believe that by engaging with each other and working together, we will create more business success than when we work alone.

Keen to find ways to IMPROVE and GROW your Creative Business?

ArtSHINE Creative Circles are for YOU if you want to:

  • Tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

  • Gain inspiration in a fun and stimulating environment.

  • Gain invaluable perspective and insights.

  • Have access to a space to “work On” your mindset and Creative Business, not just “in” it.

Working in your Creative Business can be challenging. So many things to do, so little time. It can be hard to keep yourself motivated and focused.

And it’s so easy to get caught in the day-to-day tasks, and you lose sight of the bigger picture.

Wouldn’t it be great to share your challenges with a group of people who have gone through similar things as you?

ArtSHINE Creative Circles are for YOU if want to:

  • Have the business benefit of an Advisory Board

  • Drastically shorten your learning curve

  • Resolve your challenges quicker

  • Tap into a larger pool of knowledge and expertise

  • Maintain higher levels of accountability

  • Want to feel more connected

  • Want smarter ways to improve and grow your business

  • Want the space to work “ON” and “ABOVE” your business

  • Have ongoing inspiration, motivation, and stimulation

  • Participate in a sales-free environment

ArtSHINE Creative Circles are a community of creative people who have much in common with each other.

We share ideas, experiences, and knowledge – to improve our creative and entrepreneurial skills and business practices.

ArtSHINE Creative Circles are inspired by the principle that by coming together regularly to focus “ON” our Creative Businesses, not work “IN” them, we will create more than we could when we work alone. We do this by tapping into the collective knowledge and experience of a group of like-minded people who share similar challenges.

The relationships you build in ArtSHINE Creative Circles often turn into friendships – because of the mutual trust and respect created by sharing ideas and challenges. It’s like having your very own Board of Advisors meeting each month to discuss how to improve you and your business.

ArtSHINE Creative Circles work because everyone shares similar values:

  • A generosity of spirit

  • An openness to new ways of thinking

  • A willingness to trust

  • A desire to help others

This means you’re always sharing, always learning, and always growing.

At the start of the month groups are given topics to discuss over coffee and cakes (Morning or evening). It may be a business idea or a chance to bring a challenge from your own business to work through with the group. It could be an open forum for sharing business insights. Or it may be a knowledge session to learn new business skills or techniques.

By the end of each session, you leave feeling reinvigorated and ready to face new challenges.

ArtSHINE Creative Circles lift you out of your day-to-day, and allows you focus on the BIG PICTURE of your business.

Of course it’s not all nice and rosy. We won’t always agree with each other. That’s important because it allows us to challenge each other to go beyond our current thinking, to achieve bigger goals, and to be accountable to each other for our performance. And because this advice comes from people we like, respect, and trust, we’re much more likely to listen to it and – more importantly – act on it.

If you’ve been running your own Creative Business for three years or more, and are now looking for clarity and growth – we can help.

If you’re happy to share your ideas and experiences with others, learn new business skills, and challenge yourself – you’ll fit in well.

And if you like the idea of working in a collaborative and stimulating environment of like-minded people, where each person freely shares their knowledge and ideas – then we’d love to hear from you.

These are the kind of benefits you can expect:

Working “ON” and “ABOVE” your Creative Business
We understand how easy it is to get caught in the day to day of running your Art & Design Practice, that’s why we designed ArtSHINE Creative Circles to help you step back, look at the bigger picture and work “ON” and “ABOVE” your Art & Design Practice as a Business Owner.

Together we will use various tools, processes, and techniques to help you along in your Creative Business. Importantly too, we provide a space outside of your business to help you think.

Working “ON” and “ABOVE” your Creative Business or Art & Design Practice gives you the space to be strategic and creative. It gives you the space to adjust and improve where needed, and reset your course where necessary. If you want more time, energy, and money, you need to stop and think about your business regularly. Best of all, you’ll have a group of other savvy creative people to help think and work “ON” your Creative Business with you.

ArtSHINE Creative Circles will inspire and motivate you to achieve your personal and business goals. And as Business Coaches we will be there to guide you too, to hold you accountable, and provide you with the business tools you need to help you and your business grow.

Drastically shorten your learning curve
We’re all limited by our knowledge and past experiences. When you tap into the other minds in the circle you’ll benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience that exists in the group. It’s not possible to know everything about business. The other members around the table can help close those gaps.

Be more innovative in your industry
Work with other creative professionals from completely different creative disciplines. By sharing with others in the circle who are using different business strategies, you’ll cross pollinate ideas and help your business become more innovative. This process will help you challenge the assumptions you’re making about business and establish your own best business practices.

Tap into a large pool of knowledge & expertise
It’s not possible for you to know it all, regardless of whether you have an MBA or not. Owning and operating a business is a steep learning curve and there are always gaps in your knowledge.

ArtSHINE Creative Circle members bring invaluable knowledge and expertise to the table that you can tap into and learn from. They bring their years of experience in business – the highs, the lows – the mistakes, and the lessons learned.

Doing business alone means you have to figure it all out alone. The ArtSHINE Creative Circle can take years off your steep learning curve.

Resolve your challenges faster
Some ArtSHINE Creative Circle members may have experienced similar challenges that you now face. Why waste time trying to solve problems with one brain when you can have many solve it with you.

Higher levels of accountability
Fellow creative circle members want you to succeed and reach your goals as much as they want success for themselves. They’ll hold you accountable just as you’ll hold them accountable. Join a program that helps you stay on track as you reach there goals. When you’ve told peers what you want to achieve each month, quarter, and year it’s much harder to let things slide.

Fun dynamics
ArtSHINE Creative Circles encourage discussion. This gives us all the opportunity to see things from different perspectives and hear alternative points of view. With diversity comes new ways of thinking and opportunities for better business practices.

Inspiration, motivation, and stimulation
When we get bogged down into the day to day running of our businesses it’s easy to lose sight of why you’re doing what you’re doing. Taking a step back and focusing on the bigger picture can be enormously energising.

Smooth over the highs and lows
We’re all in this together. Your fellow creative circle members are your team. They’ll be excited by your wins (your highs), but will also be there during the low times to help you out. Most business people don’t have staff they can turn to who understand or can help. Friends and family don’t always understand what it takes to be a creative professional or business owner either.

Collaborative business community
You’re not alone. You’ll develop strong connections with people who will help you because they can, not because they have too. You’ll also have social interactions that are often missing in the small business world.

You can’t do it all alone. At times you’ll need encouragement when your stuck or when you’ve lost motivation. Trying to be successful alone is hard work.  Having highly supportive and experienced like-minded people around you will make all the difference between quitting and reaching your goals.

Help you be more successful
Most people under-estimate the psychological impact of building a successful business. It takes real passion to get started in business. And it takes real dedication to keep going. Success requires the right attitude.

Clarity and focus
Vision, mission, and values can be clouded at times by what we think we want and what’s expected from us, whether that be society, family, or friends. ArtSHINE Creative Circles help you gain the clarity and focus you need. When you’re have absolute clarity, your focus will follow. With clarity and focus your chances of success dramatically increases.

Sanity check
ArtSHINE Creative Circle members have real conversations about the highs and lows in business. Hearing others talk honestly and openly is like a breath of fresh air and a sanity check.

Business Emotional Intelligence
We discuss resilience; we discuss the importance of knowing your weakness and strengths. We explore who you are as a business person and how that fits in with your business and visa versa. This all helps to build your Business Emotional Intelligence and that means you get more out of your business, it means you create more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. It means more balance and more fulfillment.

Improve your thinking and problem solving skills
Growing a business requires us at times to deal with the unknown to quickly and easily find solutions to challenges. It may require us to think better and problem-solve successfully. This is a skill to be honed. By exposing your mind to different ways of thinking you will build these skills.

Creative entrepreneurial mindset
In the early days of your business, your role is “the doer”; the technician. As your business grows your role will move to management; management of processes, people, and growth. The next phase is you, as the creative entrepreneur, moving from being a specialist to being the designer of your business. Each stage requires the right mindset.

Positive impact
Take time out to think about what’s NOT working and what IS working in your business. You need space to be amongst optimistic peers who inspire you, and who, at times, challenge your thinking. Hear other stories and ideas besides the ones inside your own head. Gain insights for business improvement. Get away from your office and gain a different perspective because the one you have now got you to where you are right now but won’t necessarily get you to where you want to go.

Better business practices
Hearing other successful business people talk about how they do business will not only generate ideas for you but will give you invaluable insights into how you can build a better business – for you, for your staff, and for your customers.

Contribute to the success of others
It feels good to help others. There’s enormous satisfaction in knowing you’ve helped someone on their business journey. The experience, knowledge and expertise that you bring to the table enable others to tap into them as well. All this helps to contribute to their success.

Who are the members of ArtSHINE Creative Circles?

“It’s not about what you do, It’s about who you are…

Members of ArtSHINE Creative Circles share some common attributes with each other:

  • Willingness to learn

  • Willingness to share

  • Open to new ideas

  • Ready to take action

How do ArtSHINE Creative Circles work?

Each monthly we work on a different business area. It might be a business idea, or an opportunity to work on a challenge from someone’s business. It could be an open forum for sharing business insights. Or it might be a knowledge session to learn new skills. As we’re always sharing, we’re always learning from each other, and we’re always tapping into the collective knowledge and expertise of those around the table.

Our unique program consists of topics that helps members build:

  • Creative entrepreneurial Mindset – Challenging common business wisdom and the ability to create, think, adapt, and thrive in a continuously changing landscape.

  • Business Acumen – Understand your business at a fundamental level and consistently make decisions influencing profitability.

  • Business EQ – Understand your emotions, your cores strengths and weaknesses, what drives you, and your values.

Why monthly sessions?
As part of the ArtSHINE Creative Circle working “ON” your business is a monthly activity not any accidental or occasional activity. We provide you with the space to explore, pull apart, and think about your business from a higher perspective in a fun and stimulating environment. Best of all you get to do it with other savvy business owners.

Free meet ups are bad for your business
If you’re serious about creating a business you love then don’t waste your time with free groups. People who invest in membership, are committed to the success of their business. Those who don’t want to invest are wasting yours, and everybody else’s, time.

You have a choice in business
Skim the surface and focus on the financials only OR dive headlong into building a business you love. Building a business you love requires commitment, it requires you to step out of the day to day on a regular basis. The choice is always yours to make, no one can make it for you. If you chose to join us, we’ll be there to guide you along your business journey.

What’s Included in Membership?

  1. Monthly “Hot Seat” – Group members brainstorm your challenges with you

  2. Business profile / interview/ directory listing on the ArtSHINE website

  3. Exclusive member offers – Offers given by our members

  4. Make exclusive offers – Promote your business to the entire ArtSHINE Creative Circle Community

  5. Share your wins – We’ll shout to all our social media outlets for you

  6. Accountability program – Designed to help you stay focused on attaining your goals

  7. ArtSHINE Creative Circles notebook – Take down all those great ideas & strategies you get

  8. ArtSHINE Creative group on Facebook, This is an exclusive group for members only.

Who is it for?
Our monthly sessions consist of Artist, Designers, Crafters and Creative Professionals  who want to participate in a community of like-minded people who they can meet with to discuss their business challenges, bounce ideas off, and develop strong mutually beneficial relationships in a stimulating and fun environment. Let’s face it, it can be very lonely being the business owner in a small business.

All meetings are monthly and are held over breakfast from 7am – 9am or an evening from 7pm – 9pm in Pyrmont or another Sydney location.

How Many?
ArtSHINE Creative Circles are built up of 10 – 12 members. We believe this good size for interaction.

How Much?
ArtSHINE Creative circle membership works on a monthly payment plan of $49 per month.

The first month of membership is on a 60 day money back guarantee. We believe it’s got to be a good fit for you and you need to be a good fit for the group too. If in the first 60 days you’re not getting value, then quite simply, it’s not right for us to charge you for it! We’ll cancel your membership and wish you all the best on your journey.

Our creative tables work due to the members at the table and therefore it needs to be a good fit all round.

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