Art Licensing

How would your life be different if you were earning residual income right now from your art

“Art Licensing” is a great way of generating income from your art. Instead of selling originals or selling your designs outright, many artists and designers will grant the right (license) to use their art onto a specific product, for a period of time in exchange for a percentage of sales. This percentage of sales is called a royalty payment .

By licensing your art, you have the potential to earn income on the same art piece or collection multiple times. A good commercial art work could be used on many products from stationery, greeting cards to ceramic, fabric and more.

In the US and Europe art licensing trade shows allow artists and designers to show new artwork to design and product manufacturing industries. As an artist you have a choice to do your own trade show or you can get an art licensing agent to represent you.


Art Licensing Expression of Interest