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Women’s Colours — PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2014

“Designers take a modern twist on the traditional for spring 2014 by pairing soft pastels with vivid brights to create a colorful equilibrium. Inspired by a mixture of blooming flowers, travels abroad and strong, confident women, designers use color to [...]

December 10, 2013 art, Art Tips, business tips, Design, design tips, fashion, fashion tips, news & events, pantone colours

The Best Practices For Creative Business Owners

Here is a list of Best Practices for a creative business owner: Schedule calls every day to existing and potential clients.  Always ask your valued customers for referrals Attend regular networking functions. Actively joint venture with other compliment businesses. Invest on self [...]

October 11, 2013 Art Tips, business tips, design tips, fashion tips, marketing, networking, online marketing, running a business, System

9 Tips for Selling Your Art & Design Online

Have you ever wondered how to increase your art & product sales on the internet? Both on your website, and other third party websites like some of these: Artwork & Prints : Imagekind RedBubble istock Designer Products: Bigcartel Hardtofind Etsy [...]

September 18, 2013 Art Tips, Branding, business tips, design tips, online marketing

Do You Know Your Customer’s Hooks?

Firstly, Do you know  the meaning Customer’s Hooks? Customer’s HOOKs is a term we use in OPIC Sales and OPIC Quirk workshops. It is a concept to help our clients better understands their ideal customers “buying motives” or “Hooks” and the real purpose as to [...]

September 17, 2013 Art Tips, Branding, business tips, design tips, Leveraging, marketing, sales, service

Understanding The 4 DOs In Your Business

Before we learn the 4 DOs. Firstly we need to know the difference between The Urgent Things and The Important Things. Urgent things demand your time but can usually wait, even when they seem like emergencies. Important things move you in the direction of your [...]

September 12, 2013 Art Tips, business tips, Coaching & Planning, design tips, fashion tips, smart goal

Tips on How to Increase Traffic to your Art & Design Blogs

As an artist or a designer there are many ways to promote your business and Art & Design practice online. One of these methods, the one we’re discussing today is an Art & Design Blog. Art & Design blogs can [...]

September 11, 2013 Art Tips, Branding, business tips, design tips, online marketing

Do You Have A Big Ask??

Can you recall a time that you have a big ask? What was it? What did you do? How did you feel? In life or in business there will be a time where you may have a big preposition to ask [...]

September 4, 2013 Art Tips, business coaching, business tips, design tips, fashion tips, networking

The Power of Self Mastery!

So, what is Self Mastery? Self Mastery is about knowing who you are. The ability is to make the most out of yourself through learning, re-skilling and being the best you can everyday. As you go through this learning journey you [...]

August 30, 2013 Art Tips, Branding, business tips, Coaching & Planning, DPP (Desire, Passion, purpose), goal setting, gratitude, Leveraging, OPIC, Passion, Purpose Goals, running a business, smart goal, System

Find Your Ideal Customer – Part 4: Choosing the Right Marketing Approach for Business

Welcome back, This week we are sharing with you about how to choose the right marketing approach for your business. Once you’ve decided and selected the most appropriate marketing strategy (remember our last blog? Chapter 3. Selecting the right marketing strategy [...]

August 28, 2013 Art Tips, Branding, business coaching, business tips, marketing, online marketing

Close Up Interview with Art Pharmacy Australia First Completely Online Gallery.

Tell us a little about Art Pharmacy and your role? Art Pharmacy is Australia’s first completely online gallery featuring original Australian artworks with accessible pricing for all art lovers. Art Pharmacy bridges the gap between the art and digital world [...]

August 27, 2013 art, Art Tips, business tips, craft, Design, exhibitions, gallery Owners, industry expert, interviews, Marketing, photography