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Three Unhealthy Side-Effects Of Working From Home (And How To Prevent Them)

Working-from-home has become the norm rather than the exception this past year, when people the world over were forced to work-from-home owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. While it took some adjusting and getting used to (coupled with lockdown and homeschooling), [...]

March 12, 2021 business tips, Coaching & Planning, Creative Industries, Health & Safety

The Role of Women on the Future of Healthcare

For the past 10 years, women have been dominating the health sector workforce. Making up almost 80% of the current healthcare labor force, all working towards the suppression of COVID-19, are women. Considering the increased risk of exposure to the [...]

December 20, 2020 Health & Safety

Improving Your Health When Sat At Your Office Desk

Pexels – CC0 License Those of us who work in an office setting, be that as a salaried payroll-member or running our own business – will often spend hours sitting at a desk. This can be tiresome for many of [...]

November 13, 2020 body, Health, Health & Safety, lifeStyle, office space

Health Changes That’ll Transform Your Life

Pexels – CC0 Licence You can have a lot of things in this world, but if you don’t have your health, then you won’t have all that much. While most people have a basic understanding of what they need to [...]

November 13, 2020 body, Fitness, Health, Health & Safety, Lifehacks, mind, refresh, spirit

Searching For Artistic Space

Photo by The Digital Marketing Collaboration on Unsplash You will be hard-pressed to find a creative that doesn’t want to graduate from the living room or the garage to their own space at some point. Having your own space means [...]

June 25, 2020 Art Tips, business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, Coworking, Creative Industries, design tips, Health & Safety, office space, Start Up

Get Better Gut Health Today

Credit – CCO Licence Gut health is a lot more important than many people give it credit for. The truth is that a lot of people fail to really properly appreciate the importance of gut health, and as a result, [...]

June 24, 2020 business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, Creative Industries, Fitness, Health, Health & Safety, lifeStyle

Health And Safety In The Workplace For A New Business

Source Health and safety is a legal requirement for any workplace. But if you’re a fledgling business who have just opened their first premises then sometimes such things can be forgotten about. However, making sure that your workplace is safe [...]

June 12, 2020 Business LifeStyle, business tips, Creative Industries, Health & Safety

How to Look After Your Health While Stuck at Home

Image Source – CC0 License With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic changing everything, one of the things you’ll have no doubt found is that staying at home all the time can be tough. It sounds like the easiest thing in the [...]

April 17, 2020 business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, Coaching & Planning, Creative Industries, Health & Safety

Inspire Your Creative Employees With a Wonderful Workspace

Image Credit Working in a creative industry is demanding, tiring and fulfilling for many people. When you run a workplace that is bursting with creative people, you need to make sure they are in a position to thrive and be [...]

April 8, 2020 business coaching, business tips, Coaching & Planning, Coworking, Creative Industries, design tips, Health & Safety, office space


Welcome back! Last two weeks we have been talking about keys steps to staying creative during your self-isolation. This week we are covering tips on ‘Working Above’ your creative practice. These are the goals and tasks to build a solid [...]

April 3, 2020 Art Licensing, Art Tips, Branding, business coaching, Business LifeStyle, Business System, business tips, cashflow, Coaching & Planning, Creative Industries, Financial, gratitude, Health & Safety, marketing, Money & Finance, networking, online marketing, Productivity, relationship building, Sales & Marketing, social media, System