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7 Tips to Reduce Waste in Your Home

Source When comes down to reducing waste, we have our own habits and do whatever pleases us. We always look for places that are clean and try to reduce waste habitually. But have you ever considered the amount of waste [...]

January 14, 2020 business tips, Health & Safety, Interior Designer, lifeStyle, places, System

Inspiring Ideas For Your Work Environment

Image Credit – Pexels CC0 Licence When it comes to business, there are so many things that need to be taken into account to create an environment that suits the business and the employees. Getting the work environment right is [...]

January 9, 2020 business coaching, business tips, Creative Industries, design tips, Health & Safety

What Are the Health Benefits of Magnesium

Image Source The latest studies indicate that the role of magnesium in our health, especially in pathologies such as migraine or colorectal cancer is not negligible. In most cases, the general population is not deficient in Magnesium. We usually cover [...]

January 5, 2020 business tips, Health, Health & Safety, lifeStyle

What you should know about diet drops

 Image source Diet drops are aimed to burn fat fast and keep ideal body weight. Diet Drops are basically supplements used for weight loss. Diet drops should always be used by consulting a doctor first. They are sold commercially on [...]

January 5, 2020 Business LifeStyle, Creative Industries, Fitness, Health, Health & Safety, lifeStyle

How supplements are helpful after working out

Source Supplements are trendy these days, and one of the reasons for their rising popularity is that they assist in getting rid of the fatigue generated due to the exercise. Another reason is that the latest supplements have successfully blended [...]

January 2, 2020 body, Business LifeStyle, Creative Industries, Fitness, Health, Health & Safety, lifeStyle, well being

Substantial Factors to Consider Before Getting Health Insurance Plan For Your Family

Pexels – CC0 Licence Finding a health care plan for your family is no easy task. Depending on the size of your family and the ages of your family members are the most important factors to consider when evaluating health [...]

December 1, 2019 Business LifeStyle, business tips, Coaching & Planning, Creative Industries, Health & Safety, Money & Finance

5 Ways To Improve Your Office Workplace Safety

Image Credit: Pexels, Free to Use Licence.  Every employee has the right to feel safe at work, which means it’s your job as their employer to put processes in place to keep them that way. Although working in an office [...]

November 14, 2019 business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, Coaching & Planning, Coworking, Creative Industries, Health & Safety

How to Make Your Employees Feel Secure And Boost Retention

Image Source: Pexels CC0 Licence Each of your employees is responsible for performing their role to the best of their ability. However, the contract goes both ways: your responsibility is to ensure that they have a work environment that makes [...]

November 12, 2019 business tips, Coaching & Planning, Health & Safety, Hiring a team member, office space, relationship building, Team Building

Keeping Your Employees Healthy For Further Success All employers want their employees to be healthy. With such a heavy focus on excellent employee health, both body and mind, a dedication to ensuring such health and wellness can make your company more attractive than others.  But keeping [...]

November 1, 2019 business coaching, Business LifeStyle, Business System, business tips, Creative Industries, Health & Safety

3 Ways To Save Money Whilst Making Your Office More Eco-Friendly

Image Source: Pexels CC0 Deciding to make your office a more eco-friendly environment is not just good for the planet. It can actually save you money, increase the value of your business, and improve productivity.  A lot of energy-saving adjustments [...]

August 20, 2019 business coaching, Business LifeStyle, Business System, business tips, Creative Industries, Health & Safety, Leveraging, Productivity