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"Transition from a fulltime job to a Business Lifestyle of your dream"

"Transition from a fulltime job to a Business Lifestyle of your dream"

Do you have a road map to make it happens? People dreamed of doing the same and wanted advice from someone who had transformed. You did not just leave a company and go into Business Lifestyle of your dream like [...]

May 27, 2011 business tips, cashflow, Coaching & Planning, DPP (Desire, Passion, purpose), Leveraging, marketing, Money & Finance, Purpose Goals, running a business, starting a business

Do you have a WOW factor in your business?

When was the last time that you had such a great customer experience that all you could say was, “Wow!”? Maybe it was during some extraordinarily expensive excursion, or a trip to some exotic place. Or perhaps it was in some [...]

March 23, 2011 Branding, business tips, marketing

Do you have a System & Process in your Art & Design Business?

Are you still struggling to achieve the success that you desire in your Art & Design business? Don’t worry, you are not alone. You are facing the same challenges that most Artists and Designers are facing right now. The real truth [...]

February 17, 2011 business tips, cashflow, Coaching & Planning, marketing, Money & Finance, Purpose Goals, running a business, System
How to write a press release

How to write a press release

Here’s some suggestions Somemedia outlets will not even look at your writing if it hasn’t been formatted inproper press release style. Later on we’ll provide a sample pressrelease, which contains the following: 1.Top: Type”FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” at the beginning. Be [...]

December 1, 2010 business tips, marketing

Part 5: How could a customers’ "lifetime value" benefit your Art & Design Business?

  Image Link So far in this series we’ve talked about how it’s important that before you launch into any marketing campaign, you need to weigh the costs against the estimated benefits. But in order to accurately assess those benefits, [...]

October 13, 2010 business tips, marketing, online marketing, running a business, sales

Part 4. Choosing the Right Marketing Approach for your Design Business

 Image Link Once you’ve decided and selected the most appropriate marketing strategy (remember our last blog? Chapter 3. Selecting the right marketing strategy for your design practice) to attract your ideal customer you’ll need to decide on your plan of [...]

September 28, 2010 business tips, marketing

Part 3. Selecting the Right Marketing Strategy for your Design Practice

 Credit Image Now that you know how to reach your ideal customer it’s time to consider what marketing strategies you might use to get your message across. (And if you missed the last two chapters, please click on the below [...]

September 22, 2010 business tips, marketing, sales

Part 2. The Farmer and The Fisherman

Image from Civil Eat There’s a story that we’d like to share with you. It’s an old Chinese folktale that Vinh’s mother told him when he was a boy. It’s the story of the Farmer & the Fisherman. Vinh can recite [...]

August 3, 2010 Branding, business tips, focus, marketing, mind science, mindset, online marketing

Part1. Selecting The Best Sales Distribution Channels For Your Design Practice

Sales Distribution Channels Our Fashion Design clients understand that the first steps in thinking about how to reach your ideal customers is to work out where are you most likely to find them. In another words What is the most [...]

July 20, 2010 business tips, marketing, running a business, sales, System

Creating your “Bio” or “Profile”

One of the first and one of the most important promotional tools in your toolkit is the “profile”, or “personal biography”. You’ll be amazed with the real results a well worded and credible biography can generate for you. And a [...]

February 8, 2010 Branding, marketing, online marketing, starting a business