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Do you know why you’re not achieving your goals?

If you find yourself stuck, and have made no progress then read on. What we about to share with you are some reasons why you’re perhaps not getting the results you want. You are a procrastinator – You constantly sabotage [...]

May 8, 2013 business tips, Coaching & Planning, focus, goal setting, Purpose Goals, running a business

Knowledge is not POWER!

Knowledge is not POWER! I know you might not agree with me about this, so let me explain to you why I said “Knowledge is not Power”. I had an experience that demonstrates my point, I recently attended a seminar about how to [...]

May 4, 2013 business tips, Coaching & Planning, goal setting, running a business, smart goal

Seven Reasons Why Businesses Fail

1. Poor Business Systems Systems are a key ingredient to any successful business. Systems are everywhere. On busy streets there are traffic lights. Red is stop and green is go! In the business world there are two basic kinds of [...]

May 1, 2013 business tips, cashflow, goal setting, Money & Finance, OPIC, running a business, starting a business, System

7 Steps to Business Lifestyle Success in Your Creative Practice.

1. Your Daily Focus: Start each day with a focus on what you can do to create income. What actions and activities can you put in place? They don’t have to be big, and they could be small tasks in [...]

January 30, 2013 business tips, Coaching & Planning, gratitude, Leveraging, running a business, smart goal, Team Building

Create positive habits for the New Year

I was asking myself the question today why so many of us love the idea of setting new year resolutions for the new year  and as the  year progresses some of us fail to execute what we committed  to do [...]

January 23, 2013 business tips, Coaching & Planning, OPIC, Purpose Goals, running a business, smart goal

How To Plan Your Fantastic Year 2013

New Year 2013- Pyrmont Photographed by Henry Lam Last week we talked about setting purpose goals & your New Year resolutions.  Today we would like to share with you our strategies for setting your purpose goals. So that, 2013 is a [...]

January 16, 2013 goal setting, OPIC, smart goal

Have you set Your New Year’s resolutions or purpose goals Yet?

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for visiting ArtSHINE’s blog. Your support means a tremendous amount to us at ArtSHINE.  The starting of a new year is very exciting for you and maybe for others, a little nervous, little lost [...]

January 1, 2013 business tips, goal setting

The Power of a common goal !

One of the most empowering ways for people to bond is to work towards a common goal together. If you lead a team, having a common goal that’s clear and meaningful will have a significant impact to your people and [...]

December 7, 2012 business tips, goal setting, smart goal, Team Building

Procrastination poisons passion – Part 2

More inspirational quotes on ArtSHINE Pinterest Welcome back! Last week we talked about some different types of procrastination and how to recognise which type of procrastination we’re falling into. It’s only once you know where you are that you can find [...]

October 5, 2012 business tips, Coaching & Planning, mind science, mindset, OPIC, Purpose Goals, running a business, self talk

A goal setting road map

Point A to Point B  Achieving goals can be challenging. Particularly if you over estimate what you can reasonably achieve. And sometimes that means we give up before we even start. Why does that happen? There are many reasons why [...]

September 25, 2012 business tips, goal setting, OPIC, smart goal