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Chef Brett brings out the best of CoSydney’s Coffeehouse

For a chef that’s going places, CoSydney Coffeehouse’s Brett Shorter is certainly heading in the right direction. Brett may have blazed a trail through some of the best eateries from Newcastle to Sydney, but at his latest home at CoSydney’s [...]

March 13, 2015 chef, hospitality, news & events

Close Up Interview with Restaurant Owner Chan Uoy from Bopha Devi Docklands, Victoria

Tell us about yourself and Bopha Devi? I’m what you call an accidental restaurateur.  I had a typical Asian-refugee upbringing in Australia where both parents worked in factories and being the eldest of three sons I had responsibility resting on [...]

May 20, 2013 chef, hospitality, interviews

Close Up Interview with Cook & Restaurant Owner Irina Shaw from Bai Tong Thai Tempe

Tell us about yourself and what you do? Born in China of Chinese Russian background, I have lived in Australia for nearly 30 years. Most times I feel that I was born and raised in this great country that I [...]

May 15, 2012 chef, entrepreneur, hospitality, interviews

Close Up Interview with Food Artisan Roselind Boey

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.  I am currently based in Sydney and have called Sydney my home for 3 years. I was born and brought up in Butterworth, a sleepy industrial town in Malaysia. I [...]

December 6, 2010 chef, hospitality, interviews