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Healthy Living: The Key To Happy Living

Credit image We all want to live our happiest possible life. When we are happy, we will unlock our true potential and get a lot back out of everyday living. There are many factors that affect our happiness. One of the [...]

May 20, 2016 body, Fitness, Health, lifeStyle, mind, spirit, work life balance

Cope With Grief In 5 Easy Steps

Pexels When a relative or close friend dies, we are often consumed with grief. Dealing with the bereavement can also cause stress and anxiety. It is all too common to feel depressed and alone during these difficult periods. However, there [...]

April 20, 2016 body, Fitness, Health, lifeStyle, mind, mind science, mindset

10 Tips To Reduce Your Stress Levels

Stress can be a real life changing factor in our lives. But could we be adding to our stress level? Are we not taking all the necessary steps to avoid increasing our stress levels? Here are 10 tips to help [...]

February 25, 2016 business tips, mind, mind science, mindset, work life balance

Your Ultimate Guide To Gaining A Healthier Mind

We all know the significance of a healthy mind. Our appreciation of this concept has come a long way in recent years, and we all have a responsibility to keep our brains in great condition. In the rat race of [...]

February 23, 2016 business tips, Health, mind, work life balance

The Complete Guide To Improving Your Body & Mind

We could all stand to treat our bodies a little better. We often choose the wrong diets, and give up our exercise routines. Staying fit and healthy is easier said than done, especially when you’ve got a busy life around [...]

December 8, 2015 body, business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, Fitness, focus, Health, lifeStyle, mind, places, refresh, spirit

It Is Time To Take Relaxation Seriously With These Great Tips

Health is an important part of life, and there is no better way to safeguard your help than to relax. When you let the little things become an issue, you start to feel stress, and that can have a huge [...]

December 4, 2015 body, business tips, Fitness, focus, Health, lifeStyle, mind, mindset, spirit, work life balance

Bring Some Zen to Your Business With These Awesome Tips

Bringing calm and peace to the workplace is so important for modern businesses. The corporate world is highly competitive and very stressful these days. And it’s sometimes difficult to separate work life from personal life. People can become consumed by [...]

November 25, 2015 Art Tips, business tips, Health, lifeStyle, mind, spirit

The ‘six samurai’ of calm

Our temperament is often a guide to how people judge us. Being quick-tempered isn’t cool. We need to be calm when facing challenges so that gain respect. Here are the six ‘samurai’ to adopt on a path to calmness: Pause: [...]

November 20, 2015 lifeStyle, mind, spirit

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

photo by Louish Pixel We’re all guilty of letting ourselves go sometimes. We sign up for gym memberships, and then slowly stop going. We promise ourselves we’ll eat healthier, and then we buy a takeaway! It happens to all of us, and [...]

November 18, 2015 body, Fitness, Health, lifeStyle, mind

Pre Order your ArtSHINE Showcase Diary Planner Issue 2 NOW!

Hi everyone! Are you ready to create success for your personal and business goals this year? It’s that time – our special  Quarterly Diary Planner  magazine  issue 2 For April- June 2015offer is now on ! SPECIAL OFFER : 1 [...]

March 19, 2015 Artist, competence, confidence, Diary Planner Magazine, fashion designer, Fitness, focus, Health, industry expert, inspiration, interviews, mind, mindset, news & events, OPIC, OPIC 90 Day Planner, painter, tales, tales my mother told me (volume 1)