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How to create 2015 your most productive Year!‏

Hi everyone! Are you ready to create success for your personal and business goals in 2015? It’s that time – our special Diary Planner  magazine offer is now on ! SPECIAL OFFER : 1 Issue  Was $34.95  NOW $19.95 2 Issues [...]

December 27, 2014 Artist, competence, confidence, Diary Planner Magazine, fashion designer, Fitness, focus, Health, industry expert, inspiration, interviews, mind, mindset, news & events, OPIC, OPIC 90 Day Planner, painter, tales, tales my mother told me (volume 1)

ArtSHINE Healthy LifeStyle for 2015: Focus and Commitment

Ever wondered how athletes keep their six packs, or maintain toned bodies? Simple exercises you’ll say! Wrong! The secret: focus and commitment. Two of the least tiring but most difficult things to achieve. But the two greatest for getting the [...]

December 4, 2014 body, Fitness, Health, lifeStyle

What is “The Art of Doing Nothing”?

“il dolce far niente” “the sweetness of doing nothing” So what is the art of doing nothing? The art of doing nothing are simple ways to make time for yourself, and at ArtSHINE we call it  “The  Me Time”. It’s [...]

December 28, 2013 business tips, lifeStyle, refresh, travel

The Twelve Healthy Fruits Of Christmas

The ArtSHINE project is not only about coaching our clients. Here at ArtSHINE we’re also very much committed to a Healthy LifeStyle too. One of the early stages in our coaching programme is where we encourage our clients to set [...]

December 18, 2013 Health, news & events

What is “Code Phrase”? Why are “Code Phrases” used in everyday conversation?

Firstly, do you know what a “Code Phrase” is? I bet you have never heard of it before, right? Wrong, in fact, you’ve heard of these code phrases all the time, particularly in everyday conversation with people. So what is [...]

November 5, 2013 business tips, DPP (Desire, Passion, purpose), Fitness, goal setting, lifeStyle, Purpose Goals, smart goal

Mindset Affects Your Business.

Approximately 70 per cent of small businesses will never grow or make a huge profit. Do you want to know why? Sometimes it’s all down to you and your ego that’s stopping you from reaching your true potential. So – how do you [...]

August 23, 2013 business coaching, business tips, focus, mind, mind science, mindset

Perfection Obsession !

Do you think you are a perfectionist? Do you spend a lot of time “perfecting” your work to make yourself happy? OR Are you the type of perfectionist who over thinks? A perfectionist who is always refining, and seeking perfection? [...]

April 25, 2013 business tips, competence, confidence, focus, mind, mind science, mindset, running a business

Healthy Lifestyle Week 11:The Trilogy of Healthy Lifestyle Success

 Fitness Coach Kmaru WEEK 11: The trilogy of a successful Healthy Lifestyle It has been a while from my last update as I have been busy preparing my move to London. A while back during my studies I was offered [...]

November 28, 2011 body, Fitness, lifeStyle, mind, spirit

Week 10: Healthy Lifestyle the way to Life

Week 10: Healthy Lifestyle  the way to Life      Kmaru Fitness Coach For the past few weeks how did you live a healthy lifestyle? What’s your opinion on the idea that a healthy lifestyle has to follow certain rules? [...]

July 31, 2011 body, Fitness, lifeStyle, mind

WEEK 9 Boost Your Weight Loss

WEEK 9:  Boost your weight loss       Kmaru  Fitness Coach “I have been working out for the past few months and eating clean every 6 days in a week and yet it takes ages for my weight to drop“. Sound [...]

July 25, 2011 body, Fitness, lifeStyle, mind, spirit