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Beat fear to succeed

What stops you succeeding or failing? The answer is often the same: fear. And until you understand what lies behind that fear, you can’t move on. When we say ‘Fear of success,’ we allow our emotions to swamp our mindset. [...]

December 18, 2020 business tips, confidence, mind science, mindset

Being too positive also needs reality check

It’s great being an optimist as you view the world in a positive light and everything is wonderful in life’s garden. But if you overdose on the positive, you’ll soon be cast as one that doesn’t grasp reality. Being balanced [...]

September 27, 2020 business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, focus, goal setting, market tips, mind science, mindset

Confidence and Competence – Which one are you?

Photograph by Monica Li “When you have a high level of competence in what you do, and you have the confidence to act on your ability… you can succeed in any area you choose in your life.”  To do well [...]

September 20, 2020 business tips, competence, confidence, mindset

Are Your Distracted By Bright Shiny Objects In Your Business?

Image source Are you Suffering from SOS Syndrome? “Shiny Objects Syndrome” The Shiny Objects Syndrome (SOS) is a common problem among passionate business owners. So what is Shiny Objects Syndrome? Please allow me to explain. Although you are passionate about your [...]

September 13, 2020 business tips, Coaching & Planning, focus, mindset, Purpose Goals, running a business

The Creative vs Business Balance: How To Walk The Line

Pixabay – CC0 Licence Those of us who see our career as being in the creative arts will often face difficult questions. As often as not, we’re asking them of ourselves, because it is tough to make a career out [...]

September 8, 2020 Art Tips, business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, Coaching & Planning, Creative Industries, design tips, mind, mindset

What is a Trap Mode and which one are you right now?

A couple of months ago I met an artist who is so talented and her artwork is amazing. We have a lengthy conversation and one of her remarks was that she is not ready for the commercial world. So I [...]

September 6, 2020 business tips, competence, confidence, mind science, mindset

Perfection Obsession !

Do you think you are a perfectionist? Do you spend a lot of time “perfecting” your work to make yourself happy? OR Are you the type of perfectionist who overthinks? A perfectionist who is always refining, and seeking perfection? Working [...]

August 16, 2020 business tips, competence, confidence, focus, mind, mind science, mindset, running a business

Could You Be Freer Living With Less?

Image via Pexels  – CC0 Licence Do you ever feel like breaking free? Sometimes, it can easily feel that the things we work so hard to own are actually owning us. There is a growing movement in a lot of [...]

August 6, 2020 business coaching, Business LifeStyle, Coaching & Planning, Creative Industries, mind, mindset

Welcome and embrace changes in your Life….

Credit image The world around you is constantly changing and that is the fact of life. Lots of things happened to people every day. Our world is very unpredictable and yet to embrace it you must have a positive mindset [...]

August 2, 2020 business tips, inspiration, mind science, mindset, motivation

Manage Your Mindset During COVID-19: Aim For 1% Improvement Each New Day

  We’ve all been under a lot of pressure and stress over the last several weeks. With everything going on in the world right now it’s hard for many artists to stay positive, motivated, and focused. So, if you are [...]

April 1, 2020 Art Tips, business coaching, Business LifeStyle, Business System, business tips, Coaching & Planning, competence, confidence, Creative Industries, design tips, focus, mind science, mindset, motivation