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Are You Dreading Mondays?

Are You Dreading Mondays? What would you prefer? Dreading Mondays? Or would you prefer to be all geared up and full energy at the start of a new week? I am sure you have heard of this phrase “I don’t [...]

June 20, 2012 business tips, Coaching & Planning, focus, running a business

Putting yourself out there… and the possibility of meeting like minded people! -By Marie- Nicole

The Old Bus Depot Markets Artisan Market,Canberra To be honest, I’ve never really liked the phrase ‘like minded people’… as it almost implies that, if you don’t think, feel, believe the same as me, then I am sorry we can’t [...]

May 24, 2012 business tips, guest Post, market tips, mind science, mindset, running a business, sales

Tales My Mother Told Me… Tale 5: "Finding the inner calm within you…"

Welcome to Tales My Mother Told Me… Tale 5. “Finding the inner calm within you…” This week I would like to talk about the importance in finding your inner calm and how it can change you as a person and how [...]

March 9, 2012 mind science, tales, tales my mother told me (volume 1)
Knowledge is not Power!

Knowledge is not Power!

Knowledge is not POWER! I know you might not agree with me about this, so let me explain to you why I said “Knowledge is not Power”. I had an experience that demonstrates my point, I recently attended a seminar [...]

January 31, 2012 business tips, goal setting, mindset

What is Head Chatter? & How it comes about???

Where did the voice come from and why is it so hard to have peace and quiet?  Do you ever sense that the voice in your head is full of self-judgments?  How come when you try to turn off the [...]

November 8, 2011 mindset, self talk

What are you attracting in your Business LifeStyle?

What are you attracting??? Let’s be honest. Do you sometimes complain? I stumbled across this really powerful quote this week and I am sure you can relate to it too: “When you complain, you become a living, breathing crap magnet.” [...]

November 1, 2011 business tips, mindset

How you should aim For 1% Improvement Everyday!

Today I would like to share with you my idea of 1%+ everyday and how I have implemented it into my own daily routine!  So what does is it mean? I am aiming for a 1%+ improvement every single day! [...]

July 26, 2011 business tips, mindset

Create New Positive Habits Today.

I was asking myself the question today why so many of  us  have dreams of doing something  great to fulfil our life, like following our passions but why some of us still fail in following through what we intend to do [...]

July 5, 2011 business tips, mindset

The “I Know !” Syndrome

If you’re not learning your ‘re dying! Have you heard that before? And how many times have we heard or have we said these two words… “I Know!” The minute we said “I Know” we close our mind. We stop [...]

June 14, 2011 business tips, confidence, focus, mind science, mindset

Are We There Yet ?

Focus on your  Planning and your Destination ! Let’s say if you don’t know where you’re going then how are you going to get there? What do we mean by that? It’s very difficult to get where you want to go [...]

June 7, 2011 business tips, Coaching & Planning, focus, goal setting, mindset, Purpose Goals, running a business, smart goal, starting a business