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Best Ways to Design your Art Gallery

Image Source Are you an art enthusiast or artist who wishes to have an art gallery of your own? If the answer is yes, you are probably wondering how to publicize your artwork and get your message across to your [...]

January 3, 2020 news & events

Building Your Global Reach

Image Credit License CC0 If you have recently started a business that operates predominantly online, your mind will no doubt be filled with enthusiasm and you will be eager to seek out new opportunities. If your product is something [...]

November 24, 2019 news & events

Three Reason You Should Keep Your Workplace Tidy

Photo by Marc Mueller from Pexels The last thing on your mind when running a business is going to be the cleanliness of your workspace, however, having a clean and organised working environment is a key piece to the puzzle [...]

October 8, 2019 news & events

5 Things You Should Know Before Building Your Own Home

Image source If you have spent weekend after weekend trudging from one unsuitable house to the next, you may have concluded that you will never find the perfect home. In that case, you may be thinking that building your own [...]

September 6, 2019 news & events

Why You Could Do A Lot Worse Than Start A Science Blog

Credit image In this life, we’re always finding ways to enlighten ourselves. We will also need to have that new buzz in our lives, whether it’s the thought of a new challenge or something awesome to stimulate our brains. This [...]

August 18, 2019 news & events

Why going green can be the best thing for your business

Credit Image Ask any business owner and they will tell you that the first year of operation is a scary one. Why? Because the first thing you are told, the moment you’ve signed on that dotted line, is that nearly [...]

August 12, 2019 business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, news & events

Protecting Your Art Work When You’re Away From The Office

If you are an art business, you know that the quality of your works must be preserved at all costs. You could possibly be a painter, a portrait drawer, you might also be a modern designer using amazing computers to [...]

July 27, 2019 news & events

What To Do In The Case Of Compulsory Acquisition

Image Credit If you are a homeowner, or a farmer, the land on which you live should feel stable and secure. You’ve laid your foundations in the earth, and you are not going anywhere. The sense of stability that we [...]

July 27, 2019 news & events

5 Things You Shouldn’t Be Wasting Your Creative Energy On

Image  People would usually describe you as quirky, creative, energetic and motivated. These are all ideal qualities when you are running an artistic business or pursuing a freelance career based on your imaginative skills. Even in the creative world, you [...]

July 25, 2019 news & events

Out of the Frying Pan… (The Creative Entrepreneurs Guide To Ending One Business To Begin Another)

Image here When you put blood, sweat, and tears into starting up a business, you may not even consider the possibility that you won’t own and run it forever. Let alone sell it on, cash in the profit, and use [...]

July 19, 2019 Art Tips, business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, Coaching & Planning, Creative Industries, design tips, marketing, news & events, Purpose Goals, running a business