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Welcome and embrace changes in your Life….

Credit image The world around you is constantly changing and that is the fact of life. Lots of things happened to people every day. Our world is very unpredictable and yet to embrace it you must have a positive mindset [...]

August 2, 2020 business tips, inspiration, mind science, mindset, motivation

Manage Your Mindset During COVID-19: Aim For 1% Improvement Each New Day

  We’ve all been under a lot of pressure and stress over the last several weeks. With everything going on in the world right now it’s hard for many artists to stay positive, motivated, and focused. So, if you are [...]

April 1, 2020 Art Tips, business coaching, Business LifeStyle, Business System, business tips, Coaching & Planning, competence, confidence, Creative Industries, design tips, focus, mind science, mindset, motivation

Quote of the week!

“What the New Year brings to you will depend on a great deal what you bring to the New Year” ~ Vern McLellan [...]

January 2, 2017 inspiration, quotes

Quote of the week!

Exoctic III By Gabby Malpas 96 x 77 cm, Watercolour, gouache, pencil and collage on Arches paper “Dream Killers are just like Crabs in the bucket” ~ Vinh Van Lam Want to know what is this all about click below to [...]

December 5, 2016 quotes

Quote of the week!

“Design has allowed us to stand out; to look different and show that different bold” ~ Joe Mansueto Evening Dress Design by: Avldesigns- Anthony Van Lam Model: Lisa Marie in her formal dress November 2016 [...]

November 21, 2016 inspiration, quotes

Quote of the week!

“Chasing The Dragon” By Gabby Malpas Quote of the week: “There are 3 reactions to a piece of Artwork. Yeah!, Naa! and WOW! The Wow Factor is the one to go for” ~ArtSHINE industries [...]

November 7, 2016 inspiration, quotes

Quote of the week!

Title: 10-August-2015 by Dylan Coombe “Design is a plan for arranging elements in a way that best accomplishes a particular purpose.” ~ Charles Eames [...]

October 31, 2016 inspiration, quotes

Quote of the week!

“DESIGN is the silent ambassador of your brand” ~ Paul Rand Solo Exhbition at ArtSHINE Gallery 21 November-10 December Opening: 26 November 2016 at 2pm Special Event: High Tea and Shopping Saturday 10 December from 11-4pm   [...]

October 24, 2016 art, Artist Talks, Design, exhibitions, fashion, food & wine, inspiration, markets, network events, news & events, quotes, Showcase, Solo Exhibition, trade shows

Quote of the week!

Mesmerising by Anthony Van Lam 76 x 61cm, Acrylic & Watercolour   ” Your success is measured by:  the strength of your Desire, the size of your Passion and the clarity of your Purpose.” Vinh Van Lam [...]

October 10, 2016 inspiration, quotes

Quote of the week!

Title: “11 August 2015” by Dylan Coombe Framed: 480 x470mm $350, Unframe: 350 x350mm $250 Solo Exhibition “Difference” 26 October – 16 November Quote of the week! “DESIGN is the silent ambassador of your brand” ~Paul Rand [...]

October 4, 2016 inspiration, quotes