Existing Business Survey

Existing Business Survey

  • A little about yourself

  • e.g. industry/sector, years in business, number of employees

  • Your lifestyle right now

    Quantum Compass works with clients using a focus on our 4 OPIC principals:

    • Objectives
    • Planning
    • Implimentation
    • Commitment

    As part of the Quantum Compass OPIC Discovery process we’ve prepared this short self assessment for you to complete before our first meeting. We’ll be using this document to determine your current business state.

    The following questions will assist you in reviewing the various aspects of your business as it stands today. The process will highlight areas that may require some additional focus.

    There are 2 parts to most questions: In the first part simply answer each question by clicking either the Yes or No buttons. Then, in the second part of the question just then rank how you view the importance of the statement using the following scale:

    1 = Critical issue, 2 = Somewhat critical, 3 = Important, 4 = Somewhat important, 5 = Not important
  • The business owner - you