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Being too positive also needs reality check

It’s great being an optimist as you view the world in a positive light and everything is wonderful in life’s garden. But if you overdose on the positive, you’ll soon be cast as one that doesn’t grasp reality. Being balanced [...]

September 27, 2020 business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, focus, goal setting, market tips, mind science, mindset

Five ‘P’s’ to artistic perfection

Last week, I emphasised the four most important steps to becoming an in-demand artist. These were: Be detailed; Real life, real art; and The power of ‘No‘ While these skills will shape you technically as a creative talent, there are [...]

November 18, 2016 Art Tips, Branding, business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, design tips, DPP (Desire, Passion, purpose), Passion

Quote of the Week!

To get the full value of joy You must have someone to divide it with. ~ MARK TWAIN [...]

August 29, 2016 business coaching, Business LifeStyle, inspiration, quotes

Close Up interview with Artist Helen Dubrovich & Her Solo Show “Memories of Bali” 3-16 March 2016

About Helen Dubrovich Helen Dubrovich, born in Germany of Russian parents, came to Australia when she was three. When quite young Helen started to travel overseas and this influenced her eclectic work. Helen has chosen to work in a variety of [...]

March 1, 2016 Artist, interviews, painter

What Does It Take To Make Your Business Stronger Than Ever?

Guilhem Running a business is hard work. It can take effort to even keep things on the level. Most people won’t be comfortable with just treading water, however. If you’re in that position, no doubt you want to get your [...]

February 18, 2016 Art Tips, business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, cashflow, Coaching & Planning, design tips, Financial, Money & Finance, networking, Procratination, running a business, Team Building

The Complete Guide To Improving Your Body & Mind

We could all stand to treat our bodies a little better. We often choose the wrong diets, and give up our exercise routines. Staying fit and healthy is easier said than done, especially when you’ve got a busy life around [...]

December 8, 2015 body, business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, Fitness, focus, Health, lifeStyle, mind, places, refresh, spirit

Here’s How An Office Makeover Can Revitalise Your Business!

Sometimes, your business may start struggling. Sales start to drop, and you aren’t making much money anymore. You take a look at the facts and figures and try to figure out what’s going wrong. Most of the time, you find [...]

December 7, 2015 business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, design tips, running a business

Start Your Online Business In Style With These Essential Tips

When starting a company, it’s important to realise that you won’t get everything right at the first time of trying. There will always be a level of trial and error involved, especially as you find your feet in the business [...]

December 5, 2015 business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, marketing, online marketing

The ‘six samurai’ of calm

Our temperament is often a guide to how people judge us. Being quick-tempered isn’t cool. We need to be calm when facing challenges so that gain respect. Here are the six ‘samurai’ to adopt on a path to calmness: Pause: [...]

November 20, 2015 lifeStyle, mind, spirit

Getting Ahead: First know our journey Part 2

No matter what stage you’re at in your art career, having a sense of purpose and direction is good. You can’t continually avoid thinking about or talking about things as people will want to know the story behind your work. [...]

August 7, 2015 Art Tips, business coaching, business tips