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How To Start A Business That Allows You To Quit Your Job

Image  Even if you love the job you currently have, the idea of starting your own business and being able to work on your own schedule is something that may be appealing to you as it is to many people [...]

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Are You Cocooning in your business?

Are you cocooning in your business? We recently had a meeting in one of our clients’ office and I have to tell you how fortunate he is now to have a team of smart people to focus and help him with [...]

May 1, 2012 business tips, Coaching & Planning, running a business, System, Team Building

Wake up every morning with Passion and Purpose

–> THE QUANTUM COMPASS- ARTSHINE TM OPIC SYSTEM In any business there are always systems in place… Systems for making sales. Systems to communicate. Systems manage day to day tasks. Have a look around. We’re surrounded by systems. Traffic lights [...]

February 22, 2010 business tips, goal setting