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4 Numbers Every Business Owner Needs In Their Phonebook

Flickr Nobody starts a successful business without a bit of help. Good business contacts are vital regardless of what industry you’re in. If your phonebook is empty you’ve got nobody to turn to when you’re struggling. It’s also important to [...]

November 30, 2017 business coaching, business tips, Coaching & Planning

What You Need to Juggle as a Business Owner

Pixabay Running a business often feels like juggling. There are so many things that need to be taken care of at the same time, especially when you consider the wellbeing of your employees. Your workplace needs to be a motivating [...]

August 10, 2017 business coaching, Business LifeStyle, Business System, Coaching & Planning, Creative Industries, Financial, Hiring a team member, Start Up, starting a business

7 creative ways to a life of an entrepreneur

I come from a family of entrepreneurs – from my mom and dad to my brothers. They all run successful multiple businesses. Inspiration is all around me. From my parents who taught me how to create a business from scratch [...]

January 10, 2017 Art Tips, business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, running a business, starting a business

Creative business Best Practice.

What is Best Practice  mean anyway? The term ‘best practice’ generally refers to the best possible way of doing something.  Today we are sharing with you a list of Creative Business Best Practice to help you boost your business. Running [...]

July 10, 2014 business tips, Coaching & Planning, Marketing, networking, running a business

Best practice in a creative business owner

Here is a list of Best Practices for a creative business owner: Schedule calls every day to existing and potential clients. Always ask your valued customers for referrals Attend regular networking functions. Actively joint venture with other compliment businesses. Invest on self [...]

September 15, 2011 business tips, Coaching & Planning, marketing, networking, running a business